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A Guide To How Patent Law Works
Patent and intellectual property laws are essential to enabling organisations to be able to gain protection for the innovations that they develop.
European Union
14 Jun 2018
Employee Created Rights And Commissioned Works In The Field Of Trademarks
In this article, we will address the topic of employee created rights or commissioned works in the field of trademarks, such as logos, stylised marks, or non-traditional marks such as packaging, get-up, icons, user interfaces, etc.
12 Jun 2018
Trade Secrets Directive Becomes Directly Effective: Changes To The Law In The UK, France And Germany?
On 9 June 2018, the deadline expires for EU Member States to implement the necessary legislation to give effect to the 'Trade Secrets Directive'.
European Union
8 Jun 2018
Prior Rights And Registered Intellectual Property
This article explores if the exclusive rights in a trademark can be obtained in the course of trade without registration and what is the scope of such rights across Canada, China, France, Germany, Russia, UAE and the UK.
7 Jun 2018
EU Commission Proposes Softening Of SPC Law To Assist EU-Based Manufacturers
The European Commission has proposed a "targeted adjustment" to intellectual property law with a view to reducing the restrictions on EU-based manufacturers of pharmaceuticals seeking to compete in global markets.
European Union
30 May 2018
Parallel Import Guidance Clarified By CJEU
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has issued a ruling clarifying what you can, and cannot, do if you wish to import goods from one Member State of the EU to another.
European Union
25 May 2018
A Guide To Global Trademark Practices
If a business operates, or aims to operate, internationally, it's important to develop and understand its intellectual property (IP) strategy on a global basis.
16 May 2018
What Constitutes Evidence Of Use?
The concept of use arises frequently in trademark law, but there may be regional differences in its presentation. The focus of this article will be on how it can be raised and proven at various stages ...
11 May 2018
Post-Grant Patent Validity Challenges In Canada And The UK
Most jurisdictions provide at least some procedures for challenging the validity of a granted patent. Sometimes the process for challenging validity is conducted before a patent office ...
3 May 2018
Canadian Government Launches Intellectual Property Strategy For Innovators & Small Businesses
Yesterday, the federal government launched a national Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy aimed at innovators and small businesses.
1 May 2018
UK Ratifies The UPC Agreement - What Does This Mean For The UPC? (Sssh - Don't Mention Brexit…)
On 26 April 2018 the UK completed its ratification of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement by depositing its instrument of ratification with the European Council.
30 Apr 2018
Trademark Trolls And "All-Class" Applications: A Troubling Trend Comes To Canada
In the intellectual property context, the term "troll" is commonly used to refer to a (generally non-practicing) person or entity who registers an exclusive right and then demands payment ...
25 Apr 2018
Protecting Your Cannabis Brand: The 5 W's
Canada's legalization of recreational use cannabis is now months away. The proposed Cannabis Act will create a comprehensive national framework for the production, distribution, sale, import...
25 Apr 2018
A Tale Of Two Countries: Patent Eligibility Requirements For Natural Products In Canada And The U.S.
Natural products – chemical compounds produced by living organisms – are ubiquitous in our daily lives and fundamental to the modern life-sciences economy.
13 Apr 2018
Copyright Year In Review – 2017
The Federal Court awarded Nintendo $12.76 million in statutory and punitive damages against Go Cyber Shopping for circumvention of technological protection measures ("TPMs") and copyright infringement.
22 Mar 2018
Brexit Implications For IP: Arrangements Agreed So Far
It would seem to buy some time for the participating countries to resolve the legal complexities.
21 Mar 2018
A Round-Up Of The CJEU Cases In 2017
In 2017, the Court of Justice of the European Union issued 19 decisions primarily focused on trade marks. Here, I summarise the most interesting of them.
European Union
19 Mar 2018
UK Ratifies Hague Agreement On Industrial Designs
In an important step for design right owners, the United Kingdom has completed its ratification of the 'Hague Agreement' concerning the registration of industrial designs.
European Union
15 Mar 2018
CJEU Rules On 'Solely Dictated By Its Technical Function' Designs Exclusion
The EU designs regime establishes two parallel registered designs systems in Europe, by which it is possible to obtain unitary protection covering the geographical area of the EU and/...
12 Mar 2018
What Does Actavis v Eli Lilly Mean For European Patent Litigation Strategy?
Doctrines of equivalents in France, Spain and Germany: How do local patent experts view the UK Supreme Court's judgment in Actavis v Eli Lilly?
European Union
2 Mar 2018
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