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Protecting Trade Secrets When Looking For Funding - March 28, 2019
As noted in another of our articles, Venture Capital (VC) firms will generally not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
United States
10 Apr 2019
United States
20 Mar 2019
Supreme Court Directs Patent Office To Change Its IPR Practice
In constraining the practice of partial institution, the Court rejected the government's argument that the Court lacked authority to review the PTAB decision.
United States
2 May 2018
Supreme Court Upholds Inter Partes Review Of Patents Under Public-Rights Theory
In Oil States Energy Servs., LLC v. Greene's Energy Grp., 584 U.S. ____ (2018), the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the inter partes review (IPR) ...
United States
30 Apr 2018
Jeremy Blackowicz Co-Moderates And Presents At Aipla Trademark Bootcamp
On June 8 and June 9, Jeremy Blackowicz co-moderated the two-day American Intellectual Property Law Association Trademark Bootcamp...
United States
21 Jun 2017
A Case of Clear "Impression"
In Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc., No. 15-1189 (2017), the Supreme Court erased a line between foreign and domestic sales, while drawing a bright one between sales and licenses, thus firmly establishing patent exhaustion upon first sale.
United States
1 Jun 2017
"TC Heartland " Shifts The Patent Litigation Landscape
In TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC, No. 16-341 (2017), the Supreme Court upended troublesome and long-standing forum-shopping practices in patent litigation, not to mention the infamous cottage industry of Marshall, Texas, home to more than one-third of all patent cases filed last year.
United States
24 May 2017
The Time Has Run On Laches Defenses Against Patent Damages
In SCA Hygiene Prods. Aktiebolag v. First Quality Baby Prods., LLC, 580 U.S. ____, 137 S. Ct. ____ (2017), the Supreme Court vacated an en banc Federal Circuit decision...
United States
28 Mar 2017
Action Needed To Maintain DMCA Safe Harbor Protection
If your business lets third parties post content on your website – even a simple product review – please keep reading.
United States
17 Feb 2017
Cuozzo Puts To Rest Doubts Regarding IPR Claim Construction Standards, Leaves Narrow Scope Of Appeal Of Institution Decisions
The Supreme Court unanimously permitted the Patent Office to continue to construe patent claims according to their broadest reasonable construction in inter partes review proceedings.
United States
22 Jun 2016
Supreme Court's 'Halo' Decision Upends 'Seagate,' Enhancing Enhanced Damages
In Halo Electronics, Inc. v. Pulse Electronics, Inc., 579 U.S. ___ (2016), the Supreme Court unanimously lowered the bar for recovering up to treble damages for patent infringement.
United States
20 Jun 2016
President Obama Signs Defend Trade Secrets Act
In what has been heralded as potentially the "most significant expansion" of federal intellectual property law in 70 years, President Barack Obama signed the Defend Trade Secrets Act on Wednesday, May 11.
United States
16 May 2016
Trademark Protection In Cuba - Increased Trade On The Horizon
With the resumption of diplomatic relations and the reopening of the U.S. Embassy in Cuba, the opportunity for commercial relations with Cuba is not far behind.
United States
22 Sep 2015
The Pros and Cons Of Third-Party Funding of Patent Litigation
A patent is only as valuable as the patent owner's willingness, and ability, to enforce it. But patent litigation is expensive -- and risky.
United States
20 Apr 2013
FTC Issues Final Revised Green Guides
The Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") today adopted revised Guides for the Use of Environmental Marketing Claims ("Final Revised Green Guides").
United States
2 Oct 2012
Supreme Court Finds Medical Diagnostic Method Unpatentable
In an important decision that most directly impacts the medical diagnostics industry but will also have wider reverberations
United States
4 Apr 2012
New Jersey Governor Signs Legislation Adopting The Uniform Trade Secrets Act
On January 9, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law the New Jersey Uniform Trade Secrets Act (NJTSA), which is intended to afford greater protection for trade secrets in New Jersey.
United States
18 Jan 2012
California Nanotechnology Data Call-Ins, Part II: Protection For Confidential Information?
California’s Green Initiative has raised some concerns among manufacturers, not the least of which is the protection of confidential information.
United States
5 Sep 2011
Updated Regulatory Guidance For Authentication In An Internet Banking Environment: A New Standard Of Care?
On June 29, 2011, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (the "FFIEC"), a federal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform standards of supervision for banks and credit unions, issued new guidance (the "FFIEC 2011 Supplement") updating the FFIEC's minimum supervisory expectations "regarding customer authentication, layered security, and other controls in an increasingly hostile online environment."
United States
19 Jul 2011
The Supreme Court Reaffirms The Clear-And-Convincing Standard For Patent Invalidity
In "Microsoft v. i4i" (S. Ct., June 9, 2011), the Supreme Court unanimously affirmed that clear and convincing evidence is needed to prove the invalidity of a U.S. patent.
United States
20 Jun 2011
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