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Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Second Quarter 2019
In the US, the majority of disputes involving pharmaceutical patents are resolved through one of two processes – post-grant proceedings at the USPTO, or litigation under the "HatchWaxman Act" in a US District Court.
Hong Kong
9 Jul 2019
Intellectual Property And Mutual Recognition And Enforcement Of Awards Between Mainland China And Hong Kong – A New Era?
Since 1997, a series of arrangements have been in place between Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China ("PRC") to ensure the smooth cross-border recognition and enforcement of judgements in the two jurisdictions.
Hong Kong
29 Mar 2019
Compare, But Beware – Recent Judgment On Comparative Advertising In Hong Kong
Historically, there have always been tensions in intellectual property law around how to balance the exclusive rights granted to intellectual property rights owners,
Hong Kong
9 Jan 2019
IP Courts: Ringing In The Changes
On 26 October 2018, in the Decision of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Several Issues concerning Judicial Procedures for Patent and Other Intellectual Property Cases
Hong Kong
9 Jan 2019
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review (October 2018)
We reported in our Q3 2017 issue of our IP & TMT Quarterly Review that in the dispute between Zhejiang Tangde Film & Television Co., Ltd ("Tangde") and Shanghai Canxing Culture & Broadcast Co., Ltd...
Hong Kong
9 Oct 2018
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - 2018 Q2
China's Latest Position on Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) and Trade Mark Infringement
Hong Kong
3 Jul 2018
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Fourth Quarter 2017
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Fourth Quarter 2017
20 Dec 2017
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Third Quarter 2017
Trump Administration Initiates Section 301 Investigation of China's Acts, Policies and Practices Related to Technology Transfer, Intellectual Property and Innovation.
Hong Kong
20 Sep 2017
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review
New Arbitration Ordinance Amendment Clarifies that IP Disputes are Arbitrable in Hong Kong
14 Jul 2017
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - First Quarter 2017
Statutory Damages for Trade Mark Infringement and/or Under the Anti-Unfair Competition Law (AUCL): A New Normal?
Hong Kong
31 Mar 2017
Arbitration Of Intellectual Property Disputes In Hong Kong
Intellectual Property ("IP") rights are only as strong as the means to enforce them. Arbitration, as a private and confidential procedure
Hong Kong
10 Jan 2017
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Second Quarter 2016
The Continuing Battle over the "IPHONE" mark in respect of Leather Goods in China...
Hong Kong
11 Jul 2016
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review
Fog Lifting over Shadow Company Debate in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
6 Apr 2016
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - 2015 Q3
A sculpture in Karamy, Xinjiang, China has recently caught much media attention because of its striking similarities with the famous bean-shaped sculpture in Chicago, "Cloud Gate".
13 Oct 2015
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - 2015 Q2
In April 2015, the Guangdong Intermediate People's Court delivered a judgment against New Balance for trade mark infringement.
1 Jul 2015
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - December 2014
On 11 November 2014, the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and the Intellectual Property Department of the Hong Kong Government jointly issued a consultation paper.
Hong Kong
5 Jan 2015
Asia IP & TMT: Quarterly Review - Third Quarter 2014
China’s new Trademark Law has been in force for nearly five months. We share below our observations on the changes to the law and some of the new practice developments.
13 Oct 2014
Risks Of Crowd Funding – Notice Issued By The SFC
"Crowd funding" involves the investment of a small amount of money by a large number of different people via an online platform, which is used to fund a project, business or loan.
Hong Kong
10 Jul 2014
The URS System – Recent Cases And What They Reveal
n 2013, the Uniform Rapid Suspension (URS) system was introduced as an alternative to the Uniform Domain Name Resolution Policy (UDRP) system, with the intent of providing faster relief to trade mark owners in clear cut domain name disputes
Hong Kong
9 Jul 2014
Hong Kong Court Calls For Proactive Measures Against Shadow Companies
In two recent Hong Kong cases, Zervos J of the Hong Kong Court of First Instance re-opened the debate about shadow companies in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong
1 May 2014
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