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Is Hyperlinking Copyright Infringement? EU vs. US
Over in Europe, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has recently been hyperactive in the area of hyperlinking and copyright, at least as compared with the United States.
United States
9 Nov 2016
Copyright Content Platforms – This Weeks Odds & Ends
A Loss for FilmOn. Inc., a company that offers a service identical to the one held infringing by the Supreme Court in Aereo, tried to argue that it should be treated like a cable company.
United States
26 Feb 2016
9/11 Photo Fair Use Case, North Jersey Media Group v. Fox News, Settles On First Day Of Trial
Fox News and North Jersey Media Group have announced they have settled their copyright dispute over the use of the iconic photo taken in the aftermath of 9/11...
United States
22 Feb 2016
Copyright And Social Media: A Place For Comment, Sharing, And Fair Use?
In the coming days, a trial is set to begin in the Southern District of New York in the case of North Jersey Media Group Inc. v. Jeanine Pirro.
United States
18 Feb 2016
Artist Richard Prince Sued For Use Of Photo From Instagram
It is not the first time artist Richard Prince has made headlines for appropriating others' artwork into his own without attribution or license.
United States
11 Jan 2016
Bikram Yoga In The Hot Seat As Ninth Circuit Affirms Yoga Sequence Not Copyrightable
No matter how graceful the flow or beautiful the poses may be, the Federal Appeals Court for the Ninth Circuit held that Bikram Choudhury's sequence known as Bikram Yoga is not within the subject matter of copyright.
United States
15 Oct 2015
The DMCA Through the ‘Lenz' Of Fair Use: The Ninth Circuit Finds Fair Use Analysis Required Before Sending A DMCA Takedown Notice
Yesterday the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion in the heavily followed "dancing baby case," holding that copyright owners must consider an alleged infringer's defense of fair use...
United States
22 Sep 2015
Yelp Denied Attempt To Keep Its Online Reviewers’ Identities Anonymous
In 2012, a local rug cleaning company in Virginia, Hadeed Oriental Rug Cleaning ("Hadeed"), filed a defamation action against the authors of seven critical reviews it received on Yelp, indicating that the reviews falsely stated that Hadeed provided poor service.
United States
27 Jan 2014
GoldieBlox And The Three Beastie Boys
It was the ad video gone viral of three young girls proudly showing off their elaborate Rube Goldberg machine made of repurposed pink toys.
United States
4 Dec 2013
Google Prevails In The Latest Chapter Of The Google Books Litigation
On November 15, Judge Chin of the Southern District of New York issued a long-awaited decision in the Google Books case, Authors Guild, Inc. v. Google Inc. Google Books—the project through which Google provides access to over twenty million books to the public—obtained some of its books from libraries without permission from the copyright owners.
United States
29 Nov 2013
Supreme Court Declines Opportunity To Review Test For Copyright Fair Use
After the Second Circuit ruling in Cariou v. Prince, which we wrote about on this blog here, photographer Patrick Cariou felt that the decision was too subjective, calling it an "I know it when I see it" approach for determining when a work is transformative.
United States
26 Nov 2013
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