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Torturing Insurance Policy Language To Find Ambiguity
Barlow argued the policy was ambiguous and that stacking should be allowed.
United States
3 Apr 2019
Getting To Yes: Utilizing Reps And Warranties Insurance To Facilitate M&A Transactions
Record numbers of M&A transactions were announced in 2017, and that number is expected to increase in 2018.
United States
7 Jun 2018
ALI Approves Restatement Of The Law Of Liability Insurance
On May 22 the American Law Institute voted final approval for the Restatement of the Law of Liability Insurance (RLLI).
United States
25 May 2018
Settling Defendants (And Their Insurers) Beware: Eleventh Circuit Holds Settling Insurer Liable For Failure To Protect Medicare Payments Made By Private Insurer
Congress created an uproar among personal injury tort defendants and their insurers when it passed the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 (MMSEA) less than 10 years ago.
United States
25 Aug 2016
An Injunction By Another Name May Still Immediately Be Appealed
The Third Circuit recently reaffirmed its authority to hear appeals from district court interlocutory orders that grant prospective equitable relief under 28 U.S.C. § 1292(a)(1), even where injunctive relief had not expressly been sought. Ramara, Inc. v. Westfield Ins. Co., 814 F.3d 660 (3d Cir. 2016).
United States
12 May 2016
Pennsylvania Permits Insureds Being Defended Under A Reservation Of Rights To Settle Without Their Insurer's Consent
A standard provision in the commercial general liability policy and many other liability policies precludes voluntary payments—settlements—by the insured without the insurer's consent.
United States
29 Jul 2015
Fleet Policy Reformed To Exclude Coverage For Non-Owned Aircraft
A New Jersey federal court recently reformed a fleet insurance policy to exclude coverage for non-owned aircraft based upon the doctrine of mutual mistake.
United States
10 Jul 2015
Additional Insured Entitled To Coverage Even Where Direct Insured Not Named In Underlying Complaint
In Capital City Real Estate, LLC v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's London, the Fourth Circuit held that Capital City Real Estate, LLC (Capital City) was entitled to coverage as an additional insured...
United States
10 Jul 2015
Aircraft Owner Denied Coverage Under Avionics Manufacturer's Insurance
An aircraft owner and pilot sued by his passengers for injuries in a crash was denied coverage under the insurance issued to avionics manufacturer Garmin International.
United States
8 Jul 2015
Obamacare Survives Second Supreme Court Challenge
The Affordable Care Act has survived another serious challenge – again through an opinion authored by Chief Justice Roberts.
United States
26 Jun 2015
PA Supreme Court Declines To Extend Multiple Trigger Theory To Property Damage Claims
Where an insured loss causes damages that straddle multiple policy periods, insurers and insureds must determine which policies are implicated.
United States
2 Jan 2015
"U.S. Sanctions: A Labyrinth of Mythic Proportions"
Schnader attorneys Barry S. Alexander and Julie E. Randolph authored "U.S. Sanctions: A Labyrinth of Mythic Proportions" for the August edition of DRI's For the Defense.
United States
15 Sep 2014
"The Evolving Definition Of Occurrence"
In the often placid world of insurance coverage, change has been most evident with regard to the definition of the term "occurrence."
United States
29 Aug 2014
Seventh Circuit Affirms Dismissal Of State Law Claims Challenging Lender-Placed Insurance Procedures On The Basis That They Contain Alleged "Kickbacks"
On November 4, 2013, the Seventh Circuit affirmed the dismissal of a putative class action claiming that a lender and insurance company violated several state laws by allegedly paying and accepting "kickbacks" in connection with the purchase of lender-placed insurance.
United States
12 Nov 2013
Flood Insurance Update
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, affected businesses should be mindful of two very significant flood insurance related considerations.
United States
26 Nov 2012
Insurance Coverage And Claims Handling: A Patchwork Of Laws Applies To National Endeavors
Two recent decisions remind us that a one-size-fits-all approach to coverage analysis and claims handling is ill-advised.
United States
13 Jul 2012
Electronic Etiquette
We cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is to exercise caution and self control when using e-mail, text messaging, voicemail, Facebook and any other form of communication that can be used against you. You are our client, and we want the best possible outcome for you.
United States
15 Feb 2012
Recent Cases Illustrate That Family Law Is Fascinating
While family law may not make the practitioner a multimillionaire, it certainly is fascinating.
United States
23 Sep 2011
Supreme Court Spotlight: The Positive Aspects Of Turner v. Rogers
Although the U.S. Supreme Court found no automatic right to counsel in civil contempt cases, it did rule by a 5-4 vote that an indigent noncustodial parent who was subject to a child support order and who faced incarceration had his due process rights violated because he was not provided with counsel nor with procedural safeguards.
United States
8 Aug 2011
"Fridenberg" Decision Brings New Reason To Pennsylvania Trust Law
On August 24, 2009, the Superior Court of Pennsylvania issued a major decision in the field of Pennsylvania trust law, holding in "Estate of Anna E. Fridenberg, Deceased", that corporate fiduciaries are no longer bound by the long-discredited rule of "Williamson's Estate", which had forbidden them from receiving compensation for services as a trustee in certain trusts created in the first half of the twentieth century or earlier.
United States
27 Sep 2009
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