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Is It Right?
Antigua & Barbuda sets great store on the due diligence it claims to carry out before issuing a passport to a foreign national.
Antigua and Barbuda
21 Jun 2019
De-Risking In Jeopardy
Another senior, long-standing international banking brand is abandoning Antigua.
Antigua and Barbuda
3 Jan 2019
Stanford’s Spotlight Extends To The Great Wall
While legitimate foreign investors are taking their money elsewhere, the Government of Antigua & Barbuda has been quietly attracting a new source of financial underpinning.
Antigua and Barbuda
13 Jun 2012
Fool’s Gold Recognised
It comes as no surprise that Moody’s Investors Service has slashed its rating of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) from AAA to AA1.
Antigua and Barbuda
31 May 2012
Fool’s Gold
Once again, international observers have noted that Antigua & Barbuda is no longer a destination of choice for Foreign Direct Investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
22 May 2012
Antigua - Reckless Endangerment
It never ceases to amaze real investors why respected organisations trot out the so-called "Doing Business" type reports, which contain soothing words of comfort that mask a nation's potential suitability for foreign direct investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
21 Sep 2011
Eastern Caribbean Regulators – Are They Up To The Job?
As regulators in the Caribbean and Latin America scramble to cope with the shock announcements that powerful United States Authorities are investigating a significant financial institution with a major presence in the region, are they fit for purpose?
Antigua and Barbuda
20 Jul 2009
Antigua & Barbuda´s Treasury Bills -- high Risk?
Dr. Errol Cort, Minister of Finance, has announced once again that Treasury Bills issued by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda have been highly successful.
Antigua and Barbuda
28 May 2008
Invest in Antigua? – Expropriation and Investment Risk, January 2006
It is significant that during his recent visit to Antigua, Mr. Augustin Carstens, Deputy Director, International Monetary Fund stressed, "Clearing longstanding arrears would go a long way toward normalising - and facilitating access to - regular financing. This will also help private investment and spur growth".
Antigua and Barbuda
3 Jan 2006
Expropriation in Antigua & Barbuda
After sixteen months of power, The Government of Antigua & Barbuda, led by the United Progressive Party under the stewardship of the Honourable Baldwin Spencer, has once again sent mixed signals on its adoption of international good practice with regard to foreign direct investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
27 Jul 2005
Antigua & Barbuda - Foreign Direct Investment
According to the old adage, you are judged by the company you keep and your behaviour towards others. Money is no different. Arguably, this explains Antigua & Barbuda’s failure to attract sound foreign direct investment.
Antigua and Barbuda
14 Feb 2005
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