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An Update On The Intellectual Property Office Of New Zealand's Fee Review
Earlier this year, the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand (IPONZ) carried out a review of its fees, with a view to providing consistency and transparency across the services it provides.
New Zealand
6 Dec 2018
The future of tax – what can we look forward to?
The Tax Working Group's interim report discusses its review of the structure, fairness and balance of the NZ tax system.
New Zealand
11 Oct 2018
Warning: Sell residential property within five years and you could now be taxed. The bright-line test extension is live!
If an owner sells within five years, and the property is not their main home, then they will be taxed on any profits.
New Zealand
17 Jul 2018
Commercial property lease inducements and surrender payments – beware of the tax issues!
"Sweeteners" are increasingly common in the current commercial property leasing environment, especially in Christchurch.
New Zealand
4 Sep 2016
Does your trust need an IRD number?
If a trust owns land or income generating assets, it must provide an IRD number when transferring ownership of property.
New Zealand
18 Dec 2015
Trusts and the new tax statement rules for land transactions
Parties to transactions which include a transfer of land or an interest in land will have to complete a "tax statement".
New Zealand
23 Oct 2015
Bright line test - sale of residential property
The 2015 Budget brought changes to the tax rules for property transactions, introducing the 'bright line test'.
New Zealand
13 Sep 2015
IRD number requirement for all property transactions, not just for foreign buyers
All buyers and sellers of NZ property will be required to provide their IRD numbers as part of the conveyancing process.
New Zealand
10 Jul 2015
Up close with the new lease incentive tax
The IRD issued a statement proposing to tax lease inducement payments and other payments relating to interests in land.
New Zealand
5 Aug 2012
IRD channels Muldoon on lease inducement payments
The IRD plans to make lease inducement payments taxable even before legislation effecting the change has been written.
New Zealand
1 Aug 2012
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