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What Are Criminal Liabilities In Medical Negligence?
George Bernard Shaw has righteously quoted we have not lost faith, we have just transferred it in the medical profession.
United Arab Emirates
6 Aug 2019
Criminal Law And Wrong/False Complaint
A simple Google search of the name "Jussie Smollett" will lead to a finding of what the consequences of filing a wrong police complaint can be.
United Arab Emirates
1 Aug 2019
The UAE's Fight Against Bribery And Corruption
The UAE has in recent times strengthened its anti-corruption commitments, legislation and institutions.
United Arab Emirates
29 Jul 2019
The Insanity Plea
Insanity is a highly interesting topic when it comes to the law, and at the same time, is a topic which demands the utmost thought and care.
United Arab Emirates
26 Jul 2019
United Arab Emirates Modernizes Bribery And Corruption Legislation
His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has decreed various updates to Federal Law No. 3 of 1987
United Arab Emirates
24 Jul 2019
UAE Legal Q&A: What Are The Penalties For Carrying And Possessing Marijuana In The UAE?
My brother is a foreigner who has been arrested in the UAE for carrying a significant amount of marijuana into the country. What should I anticipate as punishment for his offence?
United Arab Emirates
15 Jul 2019
Extradition Of Criminals
International judicial cooperation is one of the most important aspects of cooperation between countries for crime fighting.
United Arab Emirates
5 Jul 2019
What Are The Criminal Liabilities In Medical Negligence?
George Bernard Shaw has righteously quoted we have not lost faith, we have just transferred it in the medical profession.
United Arab Emirates
3 Jul 2019
Extradition Requests In The UAE
The extradition shall be enforced only after the extradition order has been finalised.
United Arab Emirates
2 Jul 2019
Is It Possible To Request The Return Of A Cheque?
A friend of mine gave a cheque to a supplier to deliver goods but the goods were not received.
United Arab Emirates
24 Jun 2019
Cartels: UAE Chapter
The laws and regulations governing antitrust and competition (cartel) in the United Arab Emirates are as follows:
United Arab Emirates
17 Jun 2019
A Cheque I Issued Bounced, Will I Go To Jail?
Question: I gave a Dh100,000 cheque to one of my suppliers. Due to my cash flow issue, the cheque bounced. Can I go to jail or has the law changed in Dubai?
United Arab Emirates
7 Jun 2019
Do You Want To File A Case For Theft?
Larceny, shoplifting, burglary and embezzlement of funds are some common crimes falling under the criteria of theft.
United Arab Emirates
15 May 2019
Abetting In Crime: Criminal Accountability For Parties Involved
It is clear from the factual background that A will commit the robbery and others will only assist him in the commission of this crime.
United Arab Emirates
8 Apr 2019
Anti-Counterfeiting In The United Arab Emirates
As "Europe's most easterly hub and Asia's most westerly hub" and within an eight-hour flight from two-thirds of the world's population
United Arab Emirates
5 Apr 2019
Criminal Lawyers In Dubai: Misconducts Surrounding Rape Offense
The terror of physical assault not just hinders with the freedom of women, it likewise misrepresents and increase their dependency on men.
United Arab Emirates
4 Apr 2019
International Perspective On Juvenile Justice
'No civilised society regards children as accountable for their actions to the same extent as adults ... The wisdom of protecting young children against the full rigour of the law is beyond argument.
United Arab Emirates
29 Mar 2019
Wrongful Conviction
When someone is wrongly convicted, that means that a person has been punished and sentenced for a crime that he has not committed. In devastating cases like these, the faith of the masses
United Arab Emirates
28 Mar 2019
Drinking Alcohol In UAE: How To Avoid Jail Time?
UAE's nightlife is a dream for tourists but doesn't let it become a nightmare.
United Arab Emirates
25 Mar 2019
A Global Perspective On The Crimes Of Aggression
A crime of aggression is committed when a political or military leader of a State causes the respective State to use force illegally against another State.
United Arab Emirates
12 Mar 2019
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