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Mobile Phones And Exposure To EMF: Stay Tuned For More Information, Soon
In a decision handed down on 15 January 2019, the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio ("TAR Lazio") ordered the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education,
11 Jul 2019
Medical Malpractice In Italy
The new medical malpractice in Italy: criminal and civil profiles.
13 Jun 2019
Clinical Trials Regulation v. GDPR: How Data Protection Affects Research Under Italian Data Protection Rules
The way clinical trials have been conducted in the European Union is actually undergoing two major challenges: the coming into effect of Regulation (EU) no. 536/2014 (so-called Clinical Trial Regulation) and the application of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.
9 Nov 2018
Acquisition Of Healthcare Facilities Or Divestiture Of Business: What Happens To Patient Data?
It is a time of major changes in the private health sector. Foreign investment funds are purchasing healthcare facilities in Italy, and within the territory various mergers ...
11 Apr 2018
Medical Research And Data Protection
Medical research and data protection: in the last days, divergent comments and positions have appeared on the web regarding the text of the new Art. 110-a of the Privacy Code ...
European Union
11 Apr 2018
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE): Changes In The Optical Sector
The EU Reg. 2016/425 - published in the OJ on 31 March 2016 - concerns personal protective equipment (PPE). The new Regulation applies from April 21, 2018 ...
11 Apr 2018
Draft Decree Harmonizing The Enforcement Of GDPR In Italy States Consent Will No Longer Be Needed For Processing Of Data In Healthcare
In line with the provisions of art. 9 of EU Reg. 2016/679, it seems that the patient's consent for the processing of their data for purposes of diagnosis and medical treatment will no longer be necessary.
9 Apr 2018
New Rules On Medical Liability (Italian)
Il 1 aprile 2017 č entrata in vigore la Legge n. 24/2017 ("Legge Gelli") recante "Disposizioni in materia di sicurezza delle cure e della persona assistita, nonché in materia di responsabilitŕ professionale degli esercenti le professioni sanitarie".
12 Apr 2017
New Medical Fees Apply To Skiers Injured On Italian Slopes
According to the Valle d' Aosta, tourists who have ski slope accidents whilst abroad will now need to pay up to €200 if they require medical assistance.
4 Dec 2015
EU Proposal For A Regulation On Medical Devices In The Field Of Active Implantable Devices: An Overview Of The Impact
An overview of the impact of the EU proposal for regulating medical devices in the field of active implantable devices.
12 Aug 2013
Electronic Smoking: Tough Times Ahead For Companies Targeting The Italian Market
Since the late 80ies it’s always been almost impossible to advertise tobacco products throughout the European Union.
1 Jul 2013
Soft-Drink Industry: Phew (At Least For Now)! Italian Special Tax Proposal Gets A Stop At The Eleventh Hour
According to a recent study conducted by the Scuola Superiore di S. Anna in Pisa, by year 2025 twenty million Italians are likely to suffer from obesity and nutritional disorder.
18 Sep 2012
Italian House Clashes Down On Trendy Breast Enhancing Surgery With A New Law
In recent times both public opinion as well as health care professionals flagged intense concern about the increasing trend among teenagers to undergo breast enhancing surgery for no other reason than that of surrendering to the psychological pressure deriving from role model stereotypes.
11 Sep 2012
Italy Adopts New Measures For Food And Beverage Sector
The Monti Government passed a package of reforms aimed at boosting the economy by doing away with restrictive practices and enhancing competition through the liberalisation of certain sectors.
25 Apr 2012
Are Tobacco Companies Liable For Damages To Smokers´ Health? - The Leading Case In Italy (To Be Continued …)
Recently the Italian Corte di Cassazione (last instance court) - 3rd Civil Chamber issued a decision (judgment no. 22884 of October 30th, 2007) in a lawsuit, which is generally considered as the leading case on tobacco companies’ liabilities with respect to damages caused to smokers’ health.
21 Nov 2007
Liberalisation of OTC Medicines Discussed Further
In its report on the liberalisation of professional services to Parliament and Government, the Italian Competition Authority (the "Authority") has reiterated the importance, as well as the need, to liberalise the distribution of over-the-counter ("OTC") medicines.
4 Apr 2006
Decision on the Infant Food Market
On 12 October 2005, the Italian Competition Authority ("the Authority") fined baby milk producers 9.743 million lira for engaging in concerted practices to fix the price of infant food in restraint of competition.
21 Dec 2005
Italian Competition Authority Investigates Food Distribution
The Italian Competition Authority is investigating distribution in the food and agricultural goods sectors. It initiated a survey of the distribution in these sectors at its meeting on 1 June 2005.
15 Dec 2005
Competition Issues in the Italian Market for Infant Formulae
The Italian competition Authority (the "Authority") has recently completed two investigations into the infant formulae industry after having received complaints from consumers about excessive prices.
7 Sep 2005
Access to Medical Documents in Italy in Connection With The Right of Privacy
In Italy, access to medical documents and records, such as prescriptions, held by the Public Health Authority, the Azienda Sanitaria Locale (a local health agency) or other similar public bodies is subject to control limitations in connection with the laws concerning the right of privacy.
2 Aug 2004
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