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View From The Horizon: Pricing And Financial Regulation Of Health Products In France
On June 27 the third edition of our new global series, Life Sciences and Health Care Horizons, took place in Paris with discussions focused on the pricing and financial regulation of health products
31 Jul 2019
The French Competition Authority Issues Its Recommendations To Lower Prices Of Pharmaceutical Products
Almost one and a half years after the launch of the sector inquiry (see here), the French Competition Authority ("FCA") has released its conclusions on the functioning of competition in the pharmaceutical sector.
8 May 2019
France Simplifies Local Medical Device Regulations And Sets Precedent For Other Member States
On April 26, 2018, the French administrative Supreme Court (Conseil d'Etat) issued a ruling that annulled Decree 2016-1716 of December 13, 2016 ("2016 Decree") ...
24 May 2018
Responsabilité du fait des produits défectueux et médicament : Un patient peut rechercher la responsabilité d'un industriel de la santé dans les dix ans de la consolidation du dommage
Un patient s'est vu administrer, entre janvier et août 1995, trois injections d'un vaccin contre l'hépatite C. En 2004, la sclérose en plaques lui a été diagnostiquée.
18 Apr 2018
Responsabilité du fait des produits défectueux : les industriels de la santé peuvent-ils efficacement invoquer la prescription?
Dans deux arrêts récents, la Cour de Cassation procède à un rappel des règles de prescription (17 janvier 2018 n° 16-25817 et 31 janvier 2018 n°17-11259).
28 Mar 2018
Liability For Defective Products: Can Healthcare Companies Effectively Invoke Prescription?
In two recent judgments, the French Supreme court made a reminder towards rules on prescription (17 January 2018 No. 16-25817 and 31 January 2018 No. 17-11259).
28 Mar 2018
Hébergement des données de santé : la certification est officiellement applicable dès le 1er avril 2018
Pris en application de l'ordonnance du 12 janvier 2017, le décret n° 2018-137 du 26 février 2018, publié au Journal officiel du 28 février, fixe les règles relatives à l'hébergement de données de santé à caractère personnel.
2 Mar 2018
First Advocate General Opinion On The Classification Of Software Programs As Medical Devices
On 28 June, the Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union gave his opinion on the SNITEM and Philips France case against France.
20 Jul 2017
New French Decree Clarifies The Scope Of Biomedical Research
French Decree n° 2017-884 of May 9, 2017, was adopted to implement certain provisions of the Legal Ordinance of June 16, 2016, with respect to biomedical research.
4 Jul 2017
New Regulations Reshape Transparency-Related Obligations In France, Could Impact Life Sciences Companies
In France, transparency requirements are regulated by two main sets of laws: "The French Anti-Gift Law" . . .
22 Mar 2017
Again The Life Science Industry Will Have To Take A Close Look At A New Set Of Regulations Reshaping Transparency-Related Obligations
Article body Current Length: 9407 chars Long including spaces Source Preview The relationship between the life sciences industry and health-care practitioners is being reshaped in France through regulatory developments under both the French Anti-Gift Law and the French Sunshine Act.
20 Mar 2017
French Sunshine Obligations Clarified And Extended
The long-awaited decree that clarifies the French "Sunshine" obligations was recently published in the French Official Gazette, and it brings about some important changes...
26 Jan 2017
French ANSM Issues Guidance On Pilot Phase Clinical Trials
The purpose of the pilot phase is to ensure that France is ready when the European Regulation comes into force.
European Union
27 Sep 2016
French Bribery Act Would Be Anti-Corruption Revolution
We've covered the French Sunshine Act, which requires French pharmaceutical companies to disclose their links to healthcare providers, extensively over the past few years.
29 Feb 2016
In-House Lawyers In France Remain Without Legal Privilege
"Projet de loi Macron," a bill recently introduced by French Minister for Economic Affairs Emmanuel Macron, proposed the recognition of legal privilege for in-house lawyers in France.
16 Mar 2015
The French Sunshine Act: Towards Simplification And New Deadlines?
Similar to the U.S. Sunshine Act, the French Sunshine Act made mandatory the publication of benefits granted by pharmaceutical laboratories to health professionals.
2 Jun 2014
France Plans To Allow Biosimilar Substitution
The French government introduced a measure that would allow pharmacists to fill prescriptions for brand-name biotech drugs with lower cost biosimilars.
23 Apr 2014
French Sunshine Act Requires Immediate Retroactive Disclosure Of Relationships With Health Care Professionals
The French Ministry of Health published decree no. 2013-414 on May 21 imposing transparency obligations on companies manufacturing, marketing, or providing services in relation to health and cosmetic products.
23 Jul 2013
French Sunshine Act Implemented…Awaiting Guidance
As pharmaceutical and device manufacturers and others are scrambling to finalize interpretations and implementation of the U.S. Physician Payment Sunshine Act, the French government added to the activity by releasing similar transparency regulations.
20 Jun 2013
The French Act N°2011-2012 Dated 29 December 2011 Relating To The Reinforcement Of Health Security Of Medicinal And Health Products
This Act is focused on three main objectives: combating conflicts of interest and promoting transparency; strengthening the monitoring of medicinal products and medical devices; and making better information more readily available to patients and healthcare professionals and, in particular, establishing binding provisions covering the advertisement of drugs, medical and diagnostics devices.
23 Feb 2012
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