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Dealing with misconduct: The NRL no-fault stand down policy
The article considers the enforceability of the NRL policy and other ways sporting clubs can regulate player misconduct.
New Zealand
25 Mar 2019
The easy allegation that is hard to prove: appealing selection decisions in sport affected by bias
This article looks at allegations of bias from the New Zealand Sports Tribunal and the Court of Arbitration for Sport.
New Zealand
17 Mar 2018
Doping investigation a warning to all levels of athletes
The DFSNZ decisions are a reminder for people involved in sports, of dangers associated with buying supplements online.
New Zealand
22 Dec 2017
The breakdown - behind the scenes of a major sporting event
This article touches briefly on some of the key legal commercial considerations an event organiser needs to consider.
New Zealand
18 Oct 2017
Calling the shots on disciplinary issues in sport
It is perhaps time for sporting codes to make available sufficient resources for a more centralised disciplinary forum.
New Zealand
15 Oct 2017
Injured player decides to sue – the right thing to do?
It is becoming more and more common that dangerous play is not being tolerated and will be met with severe penalties.
New Zealand
22 Mar 2017
Key issues facing our sports broadcast rights market
For many of our major sports, over 50% of their revenue can be attributed to the sale of broadcast rights.
New Zealand
16 Oct 2016
Match-fixing and corruption in sport and sponsorship agreements - Protecting your commercial position
The article reviews the consequences of match-fixing and how sponsors can be protected in their sponsorship agreements.
New Zealand
27 Mar 2016
The dry side of the paddle: The importance for athletes and sports bodies to understand selection policies
Sports bodies, athletes,and members of sports bodies should pay careful attention to selection criteria and procedures.
New Zealand
14 Sep 2015
Hitting cricket match fixing for 6
New Zealand, although devastatingly unsuccessful in the Cricket World Cup 2015 final, did hit match-fixing for six.
New Zealand
9 Sep 2015
Match-fixing bill - Select Committee removes a potential loophole
The bill will make it clear that any sporting manipulation, with the intent to influence a betting outcome, is a crime.
New Zealand
14 Nov 2014
Because match-fixing just ain't cricket
Match-fixing to influence a betting outcome - rather than for tactical sporting reasons - is a crime in New Zealand.
New Zealand
12 May 2014
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