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Matters That Matter: Monthly Pro Bono Roundup
MoFo pro bono lawyers pour their hearts and souls — and hours — into a variety of worthy projects. And, no matter the result, our attorneys always leave behind a mark on the clients
Hong Kong
15 Jul 2019
Is It Business As Usual During The Hong Kong Protests?
The world's imagination has been caught up in the Hong Kong protests this week, but how has the unrest impacted Asia's First City of Finance?
Hong Kong
6 Oct 2014
The Government Consults On Subsidiary Legislation For Implementation Of The New Companies Ordinance - Phase One
As explained in our previous Legal Update "New Companies Ordinance Expected to Take Effect in 2014", the new Companies Ordinance (CO) was gazetted on 10 August 2012 and is expected to take effect in 2014.
Hong Kong
14 Oct 2012
The Law On Hong Kong Special Stamp Duty (SSD) Is Finally Passed - Impacts And Pitfalls
After six months of consultations with interested organisations/individuals and deliberations by the Bills Committee of the Legislative Council, the Stamp Duty (Amendment) Ordinance 2011 ("Amendment Ordinance") was finally passed by the Legislative Council and gazetted on 30 June 2011. Apart from the obvious implications, the legislation creates unforeseen consequences which developers, banks, vendors and purchasers of residential properties must note.
Hong Kong
12 Jul 2011
Are your privacy terms worth the paper they are written on?
The latest developments in Hong Kong’s personal data regulation could have significant impacts for the consumer banking and finance industry. This alert identifies ten practical ways that financial institutions can strengthen their privacy terms now.
Hong Kong
14 Nov 2010
The Challenges Of Trade Mark Protection In China
China is still the world’s leading producer of pirated goods – from DVDs to clothing, from sports goods to construction materials.
Hong Kong
4 Dec 2006
Is It "SAFE" Again To Make Private Equity Investments In China?
A major legal impediment to Chinese private equity investments appears to have been repealed, although it is not yet clear whether the new regulatory regime will in fact make it easier to actually implement such investments.
Hong Kong
30 Nov 2006
Overview Of Insolvency Law In Hong Kong
This paper sets out a brief overview of corporate insolvency law in Hong Kong and compares and contrasts the insolvency laws in Hong Kong with those of other jurisdictions discussed at the Insolvency Session of the IATA Legal Symposium 2006. The principal legislation in Hong Kong relating to corporate insolvencies is the Companies Ordinance (Cap 32), which is supplemented by the Companies (Winding Up) Rules (Cap 32H). Some provisions of the Bankruptcy Ordinance (Cap 6) also apply to corporate in
Hong Kong
20 Nov 2006
Hong Kong Magistrates´ Court Hands Down Conviction of BitTorrent Seeder
On 24 October 2005, a Hong Kong Magistrates' Court convicted Hong Kong resident Chan Nai-Ming ("the Defendant") for distributing 3 movie files over the Internet using the popular BitTorrent ("BT") P2P file-sharing tool ("the BT Case").
Hong Kong
16 Nov 2005
Hong Kong Copyright Ordinance Due For An Update
The Copyright Ordinance in Hong Kong is under review again. In December 2004, the Hong Kong Government issued a consultation document seeking the views of the public in relation to, among other aspects, amendments to the end-user criminal liability and copyright exemption provisions in the Copyright Ordinance ("the Consultation Paper").
Hong Kong
22 Feb 2005
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