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The New EU Regulation On Safeguarding Competition In Air Transport
On 17 April 2019, the European Parliament and the Council approved the new Regulation (EU) 2019/712 on safeguarding competition in air transport.
European Union
11 Sep 2019
AI And Drones, A Love Affair (Part I)
Drones' universe is one of the most explosive industries on a global scale. Today's drones are utilized for a number of different purposes, ranging from military to commercial usage.
7 Dec 2018
IATA – ENAV Agreement To Improve The Italian National Air Space
The recently signed agreement between IATA (the International Air Transport Association) and ENAV (the Italian Air Navigation Service Provider) lays down a common strategy meant to develop...
17 Apr 2018
Italian Government's Use Of Golden Power To Support The New Business Strategy Of Piaggio Aerospace
The multinational aerospace manufacturing company Piaggio Aerospace - headquartered in Savona (northwest of Italy), also become famous due to its shared ancestry ...
11 Apr 2018
Latest Case-Law On Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004: Passengers Do Not Need To Provide Evidence Of The Delay
By Decision No. 1584 dated 23 January 2018, the Italian Supreme Court found that in case of flight cancellation or delay at arrival the burden of proof lies with the air carrier.
10 Apr 2018
Ryanair To Face New Allegation Over "Pilotgate" (German)
Drei Wochen nach "Pilotgate", der plötzlichen und unerwarteten Kündigung von Ryanair-Piloten, ist anzunehmen, dass Ryanair vermutlich Fluggästen, die ein Recht auf Entschädigung haben und...
13 Oct 2017
A Tale Of Two Airlines - Time To Re-Think The Compensation Regulations?
The dual crises experienced by Ryanair and Monarch airlines, largely unexpected by the general public, have highlighted glaring flaws in the aviation compensation system.
11 Oct 2017
Ryanair To Face New Allegation Over "Pilotgate"
Customers have also been given up to 80£ vouchers to spend on future Ryanair flights.
11 Oct 2017
Ryanair Threatened With Legal Action After Misleading Thousands Of Clients
Andrew Haines, CAA's (Civil Aviation Authority) chief executive, has expressed serious concerns in relation to the way Ryanair appears to have managed its current staff crisis and consequent disruption...
9 Oct 2017
Flights Missed, Flights Compensated
To protect passengers from missing a flight, the CE has given a ruling that sets out clear rights and secures compensation.
21 Aug 2017
Last Chance To Save The Day For Alitalia Prevented By Staff Rejection Of The Rescue Plan
The news that Alitalia, the Italian airline, is reluctantly taking the decision to file for bankruptcy is not entirely unforeseen.
3 May 2017
Italian Airport System: Another Surtax Increase On Passenger Boarding Fees From January 2016
Such a surtax was originally set up with the 2004 Finance law and its amount was equal to Euro 1 per passenger.
13 Jan 2016
The Aviation & Space Journal July/Sept 2015 Year XIV N° 3
The Aviation and Space Journal is a quarterly journal published by the University of Bologna, which brings together academic and industry professionals and provides a forum for debate...
11 Jan 2016
The Principles Of Non-Discrimination And Transparency In The Awarding Procedure Of A State Owned Airport
With the Ministerial Decree n. 104/2013 the Italian Ministry of Transport entrusted a private company based in Verona - Valerio Catullo S.p.a. – with the full management of Brescia Montichiari Airport.
27 Dec 2015
ATM Automation And Product Liability Insurance
Since the series of Munich Liability Seminars started by EALA in 1997, liability developments and claims handling in the air transport and aerospace industries have been the focus of these conferences, presented and discussed by leading experts and prominent moderators.
European Union
22 Oct 2015
The EU Passenger Name Records Directive
Given the new security context and the concern of the Member States the EU realised that it was necessary to take measures to prevent and combat terrorist offences and serious transnational crimes.
European Union
15 Oct 2015
Can An Unexpected Event Be Considered Extraordinary?
Ms Corina van der Lans had a ticket reservation on a flight operated by KLM. The flight, which was to depart from Quito to Amsterdam, arrived with a 29 hours delay.
European Union
18 Sep 2015
The Aviation & Space Journal Year XIV No 2 April/June 2015
The Aviation and Space Journal is a quarterly journal published by the University of Bologna, which brings together academic and industry professionals and provides a forum for debate...
18 Sep 2015
Drones: A Growing Danger To Data And Privacy Protection
Recently, due to the high deployment of technology in the drone industry, as well as their impact on privacy, the implementation of a specific legislation has become more current in the European Union.
European Union
4 Sep 2015
A Landmark Decision Of The ECJ On The Notion Of Passenger Under Montreal Convention And Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004 On Insurance Requirements
On 26th February 2015, the First Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union handed down a judgment in a preliminary ruling regarding the interpretation of article 3(g) of the Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004.
European Union
23 Jun 2015
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