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Anticipated Amendments To The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation
The Draft raises the possibility of extending a fixed-term employment contract.
Russian Federation
17 May 2019
Recent Developments In Russian Employment Law
This newsletter provides a general overview of the most important changes to Russian employment and immigration laws in 2018 and covers the key aspects of court practice on employment-related issues.
Russian Federation
7 Mar 2019
Mitigating Risk Arising From Employee-Created IP Assets
Employee-created intellectual property (IP) assets play an important role in the development of every technology business as well as IP portfolio. Russian domestic laws have specific regulations ...
Russian Federation
12 Nov 2018
Labor Legislation Changes For 2017
We would like to present the overview of the most important legislation changes in labor law for 2017.
Russian Federation
20 Feb 2018
Changes To Russian Labor Law Affect Payments To Employees
The Amendments establish more specific regulation in terms of payment of salary and increase the liability placed on employers for delays in salary payments.
Russian Federation
13 Nov 2017
Terms And Conditions Of Employment
If a holiday falls on a weekend, the next business day after the public holiday will usually be a paid day off.
Russian Federation
7 Nov 2017
Russian Supreme Court Takes New Stance On Deducting Employee Compensation Upon Dismissal (The Eurochem Case)
Goltsblat BLP advises that, on 27 March 2017, the Russian Supreme Court Judicial Board for Economic Disputes (the "Board") passed new Ruling No. 305-KG16-18369 on tax case No. А40-213762/2014...
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2017
Changes To Russian Labor Legislation
On 29 June 2017, the Federal Law dated 18 June 2017 No. 125 "On Changes to the Russian Federation Labor Code" came into force (the Law).
Russian Federation
6 Oct 2017
IP In Business Transactions: Russian Federation Overview
What are the main IPRs in your jurisdiction? How are they protected?
Russian Federation
28 Jul 2017
Labor Law. Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2016
1.Federal Law 272-FZ amended Article 136 of the RF Labor Code to specify more rigidly defined time limits for salary payments: as previously, salaries must be paid at least once every two weeks...
Russian Federation
22 Mar 2017
Changes In The Administration Of Russian Social Insurance Contributions
Tax authorities take control of the calculation and payment of insurance contributions, including tax audits and checks.
Russian Federation
12 Dec 2016
Increased Penalties For Salary Payment Delays In Russia
A federal law now in force aims to prevent incidents of wage arrears, and put more onus on the employer for payroll non-payment.
Russian Federation
1 Nov 2016
Russian Parliament Considers Telemedicine Bill
The bill would also authorize patients to sign forms consenting to telemedicine services and transmit the forms via electronic means.
Russian Federation
22 Aug 2016
Development Of Court Practice On Tax Disputes Over Compensation Payments To Employees Due To Company Relocation
On 17 June 2016 the Commercial Court of Moscow rendered a decision on the Gazprom Neft OJSC case, No. А40-2476/16-108-19 (the "Decision").
Russian Federation
13 Jul 2016
Employment Major Russian Legislation Changes For 2015
New Moscow trilateral agreement concluded between the Government of Moscow, Moscow trade union associations and Moscow employers' associations for 2016-2018.
Russian Federation
11 Feb 2016
Changes To The Labour Code Of The Russian Federation - "Specific Regulation Of Work Performed By Foreign Citizens Or Stateless Persons"
The Labour Code introduces the procedure, which should be followed when hiring foreign citizens or stateless persons ("foreign employees")...
Russian Federation
27 Nov 2015
Overview Of Certain Amendments To The Russian Laws In April 2014
The Federal Law No. 37-FZ provides for specific features of financial system in the Republic of Crimea and the city of federal status - Sevastopol.
Russian Federation
12 May 2014
Russian Pension Reform Is Not Doing Well
Russian pension reform has started in 2002 when the government divided the state labour pension into three parts. The basic part is a guaranteed minimum equal to all participants.
Russian Federation
15 May 2008
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