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Patents Comparative Guide
Patents Comparative Guide for the jurisdiction of Russian Federation, check out our comparative guides section to compare across multiple countries
Russian Federation
9 Oct 2019
The Supreme Court Of Russia Considers The Scope For Patent Amendments
This dispute over the validity of a patent for invention lasted almost two years and a half. It started with the receiving by Rospatent (the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property)...
Russian Federation
23 Sep 2019
Designs - A Global Guide 2019 / Chapter Russia
Russian design law is incorporated into Part IV of the Civil Code.
Russian Federation
24 Jan 2019
Metamorphosis Of The Russian Utility Model Over Their 25-Year History
The turn of 2017 marked 25 years from the day of adoption of the 1992 Patent Law of the Russian Federation, which for the first time provided for a legal concept of a utility model along with patents for inventions.
Russian Federation
31 Oct 2018
Patent 2017 (Chapter Russia)
What legal or administrative proceedings are available for enforcing patent rights against an infringer? Are there specialised courts in which a patent infringement lawsuit can or must be brought?
Russian Federation
22 May 2017
Invent And You May Be Sure You Are Protected
The world hinges on patents. A patent puts the owner on the forefront of technological edge. It provides unmatched advantages for the patentee, be it legal monopoly of use or prohibitive function of the patent.
Russian Federation
18 May 2016
Law Deals A Blow To The List Of Features
Patents for inventions push forward the technological progress but are not usually seen to the naked eye. Industrial designs strike the eye of the consumer and push forward his demand.
Russian Federation
29 Dec 2015
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