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Channel Islands Should Be Looking East In 2019
HISTORY shows that a successful offshore jurisdiction is one which is capable of most effectively connecting, and providing a conduit between, ‘capital originating markets' and ‘destination markets'.
7 Jan 2019
Where "Industry Practice" Diverges From The Law: Back-To-Back Redemptions In Cayman Islands Master/Feeder Investment Fund Structures
A recent judgment of the Grand Court of the Cayman Islands1 (Grand Court) has raised a number of important issues for the processing of redemptions in master-feeder structures.
Cayman Islands
11 Sep 2018
Restructuring Ocean Rig - Treading Ultra-Deep Water In The Cayman Islands
The Ocean Rig restructuring process demonstrates that the Cayman Islands scheme of arrangement process is flexible and is well equipped to work through complex restructurings.
Cayman Islands
26 Sep 2017
How China Supercharged The Offshore Market In Cayman And BVI
When Walkers was launched as an offshore law firm in 1964 in the Cayman Islands it is fair to assume that the founders would never have dreamt their creation would, fifty years later, be working in a cross-border restructuring market driven by China.
Cayman Islands
3 Mar 2017
Cayman Boosted By Two Mega Litigation Cases
In December's issue of Global Turnaround the focus was on Cayman and Walkers provided commentary.
Cayman Islands
27 Feb 2017
When Shall Sometimes Means May...
One of the key decisions that the contracting parties have to make is whether or not to agree to resolve their disputes privately by way of arbitration with the inclusion of an arbitration clause.
British Virgin Islands
25 Aug 2016
Tax Information Exchange Agreements - Cayman Islands And British Virgin Islands
The Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands ("BVI") have open, accountable and transparent regulatory systems.
Cayman Islands
27 Jul 2016
The Privy Council Provides Guidance On The Use Of Share Register Rectification Claims To Determine Title To Shares
Walkers is often asked to advise on the extent to which section 43 of the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 ("BCA") can be relied on to determine disputes concerning legal title to shares.
British Virgin Islands
26 Oct 2015
Walkers Represents Beneficial Interest Holders In Successful Petition For Winding Up In The Cayman Islands Court
Cayman Islands incorporated entities are commonly used as the debtor entity in Asian corporate and financing structures, issuing notes to investors for the purpose of raising capital for the underlying group.
Cayman Islands
14 Sep 2015
Chinese And Hong Kong Stock Exchanges: Offshore Protection In A Volatile Market
For lenders exposed to margin or other credit facilities either provided to or secured by shares in Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands entities, there are a number of steps which might be taken to protect their interests...
4 Aug 2015
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