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Saudi Arabia Update - June 2017
Recently, SAGIA announced a new process whereby major foreign investors (Applicants) can obtain a SAGIA License within 10 minutes online.
Saudi Arabia
29 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - May 2017
The Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MOL) is discussing a potential new employment system for Saudi employees named "Flexible Work" (Flexible Work).
Saudi Arabia
15 Jun 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2017
As a result of the crash in oil prices in mid-2014, the Saudi government was forced to cancel projects and delay payments to some of the private sector companies...
Saudi Arabia
9 Feb 2017
Saudi Arabia Update - December 2016
The Minister of Commerce and Investment approved the Regulations for Unlisted Joint Stock Companies (Regulations). The Regulations cover many topics, including the following...
Saudi Arabia
30 Dec 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2016
Despite the new system, the existing Nitaqat procedure for categorizing companies based on their size and the industry in which they operate, ranking them on a color-coded scale...
Saudi Arabia
1 Dec 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - October 2016
Saudization is the colloquial term used to refer to Saudi Arabia's official government policy of encouraging the employment of Saudi Arabian nationals in the private sector.
Saudi Arabia
8 Nov 2016
Saudi Arabia Update – September 2016
As per the new Companies Law that came into effect on 2 May 2016 and which we have described in previous updates, single owner LLCs may be formed...
Saudi Arabia
30 Sep 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - July 2016
As was described in our September 2015 KSA Update, the Saudi Arabian authorities recently made the decision to further liberalize the wholesale and retail trade sector.
Saudi Arabia
2 Aug 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - June 2016
Earlier this year, the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the new reform plan, Vision 2030, which expresses Saudi Arabia's long-term goals and expectations...
Saudi Arabia
8 Jul 2016
Saudi Arabia Update – May 2016
This month, a number of changes to Saudi Arabia's labor and employment law regime have occurred.
Saudi Arabia
7 Jun 2016
Saudi Arabia Update – April 2016
The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), which is an affiliate of the Ministry of Labor (MOL), has proposed a new system to reward companies who meet the Saudization requirements with incentives.
Saudi Arabia
28 Apr 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - February 2016
Saudi Arabia seeks to draw investors to help reduce its reliance on oil exports and aims to facilitate foreign companies' investment in its market.
Saudi Arabia
7 Mar 2016
Saudi Arabia – New Companies Law
With Saudi Arabian company law dating back to the 1960s, legislators there decided a clean sweep was needed.
United States
22 Feb 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - January 2016
The Saudi Arabian Labor Law provides that employees shall be entitled to 21 days of paid leave annually, to be increased to 25 days upon completion of five years of service with the employer.
Saudi Arabia
3 Feb 2016
Saudi Arabia Update - December 2015
The MoCI warned practitioners of real estate valuation from carrying on their profession without obtaining a temporary membership from the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (the Authority) authorizing them to do so.
Saudi Arabia
31 Dec 2015
New Companies Law - Key Provisions And Changes
The Saudi Arabian authorities recently announced that the New Companies Law, a set of new companies regulations approved by the Council of Ministers and the Shura Council earlier this year, will come into effect in May 2016.
Saudi Arabia
29 Dec 2015
Saudi Arabia Update - November 2015
Earlier this year, the Council of Ministers and the Shoura Council approved the adoption of a new Companies Law that would completely replace the existing Regulations for Companies.
Saudi Arabia
2 Dec 2015
Saudi Arabia Labor Law Amendments
Under Saudi Arabian law, the employment relationship between employer and employee is governed comprehensively by the Labor and Workmen's Law (the Labor Law).
Saudi Arabia
20 Oct 2015
Amendments To The Saudi Arabian Labor And Workmen's Law – Summary Of Key Changes
Under Saudi Arabian law, the employment relationship between employer and employee is governed comprehensively by the Labor and Workmen's Law (the Labor Law).
Saudi Arabia
13 Oct 2015
Saudi Arabia Update - September 2015
With the 2005 WTO accession, Saudi Arabia liberalized this restriction and allowed non-GCC investors to hold up to 75 per cent ownership in wholesale trade and retail entities.
United States
7 Oct 2015
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