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New Trade Mark Opposition Tribunal For Nigeria
On 19 June 2019 the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment inaugurated a new Trade Mark Tribunal, with the view of accelerating oppositions and related matters.
South Africa
12 Jul 2019
Ten Things To Know About Recent Developments And Trends In Africa | May 2019
Although Nigeria is still not on board, the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) has reached critical mass to move forwards with the recent ratification from The Gambia.
South Africa
13 Jun 2019
Technological Development And Innovation Is Changing The Way Business Is Done In Africa
Africa's development, both economically and politically, is in part underlined by technological development. With over 400 tech and innovation hubs ...
South Africa
10 Jun 2019
Free Trade Agreement Reaches Minimum Threshold To Enter Into Force
Against the backdrop of Africa's significantly low levels of intra-jurisdiction trade, the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) have been acknowledged across the continent
South Africa
5 Jun 2019
IP For Good (Beer)
AB InBev offers its patented technology for free to microbrewers after patenting a new brewing innovation
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
The Thorny Issue Of Cultural Appropriation
In the South African context, we are regularly confronted by examples of what is labelled as "cultural appropriation". What is cultural appropriation and where is the line ...
South Africa
12 Apr 2019
Power Dynamics And IP Laws | Is The Balance Fairly Struck By Current IP Legislation?
Part one of this series by Myriam Christmann was titled The Thorny Issue of Cultural Appropriation and served as an introduction to the topic in general and introduced the idea ...
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
How Intellectual Property Rights Are Human Rights
In Part One of this series of articles we introduced the concept of cultural appropriation and provided an explanation of why it sits uncomfortably with most of us.
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
Who Owns The Roger Federer RF Monogram Trade Mark?
While you channel hop between the FIFA World Cup and the tennis you may have noticed that Roger Federer ...
South Africa
11 Apr 2019
A ‘Triple Distilled' Summary Of Recent Trade Mark SCA Cases (Video)
In the past twelve months, South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal has handed down four judgments concerning trade marks.
South Africa
23 Jan 2019
Morocco Now Permits The Recordal Of Trade Mark Rights Directly With Customs Authorities
Our North Africa operation has confirmed that it is now possible for owners of trade marks locally registered in Morocco – as well as international registrations designating Morocco – to record a suspension application at the customs authorities.
South Africa
21 Jan 2019
Trademarks – Cautionary Notices Now Possible In Somalia
Civil rule ended in Somalia in 1969, nine short years after the country gained independence.
27 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Ghana
awaiting PDF to work
27 Dec 2018
Commercial Law - Regional Arrangements
The East African Community (EAC) is a regional intergovernmental organisation entered into force on 1 July 2010 with the following members: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.
21 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe is a landlocked independent republic located in the southern part of the African Continent, bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Mozambique to the north and east, South Africa to the south, ...
21 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Zambia
A minimum of approximately USD 800 in paid up share capital is required.
20 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Uganda
Uganda, an independent republic within the British Commonwealth, is situated in East Africa.
20 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Tanzania
The United Republic of Tanzania comprises Tanganyika, on the African mainland, and the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba.
20 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In Swaziland
The Kingdom of Swaziland is a former British protectorate which became independent in 1968. Swaziland is a landlocked country bordered on the north, west and south by South Africa, and on the east by Mozambique.
19 Dec 2018
Commercial Law In South Africa
The Republic of South Africa ceased to be a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations and became an independent republic in 1961. After 1994 it rejoined the Commonwealth.
South Africa
19 Dec 2018
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