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MV Marathassa Acquitted Of All Charges Resulting From 2015 English Bay Pollution
On April 8, 2015, the M/V Marathassa (the "Marathassa") discharged an unknown quantity of intermediate fuel oil into Vancouver's English Bay.
30 Apr 2019
BC Court Of Appeal Affirms That The Province Upheld The Honour Of The Crown In William v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2019 BCCA 74
The Court of Appeal in William v. British Columbia (Attorney General), 2019 BCCA 74 affirmed a decision of the British Columbia Supreme Court, 2018 BCSC 1425.
26 Apr 2019
2018 Top Ten: Regulatory Decisions Of Import To The Canadian Energy Industry
At the beginning of 2018, our review of the 2017 Canadian regulatory events described them as dramatic, but the 2018 saga turned out to be nothing short of a blockbuster.
30 Jan 2019
2017 Year In Review: Top 10 Regulatory Decisions Of Import To The Canadian Energy Industry
2017 witnessed some dramatic events in the energy regulatory world. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project has proceeded to the construction phase despite all legal challenges, particularly by the City of Burnaby
1 Feb 2018
2017 Year In Review: Top 10 Judicial Decisions And Trends Of Import To The Canadian Energy Industry
In 2017, Canadian courts released an unusually large number of decisions affecting the energy industry directly.
19 Jan 2018
2017 Year In Review: Top 10 Legislative And Regulatory Changes Of Significance To The Canadian Energy Industry
The federal Energy Efficiency Regulations, 2016 ("2016 Regulations") came into force on June 28, 2017, replacing the previous Energy Regulations ("Regulations").
16 Jan 2018
"Forced Labour" Case To Go To Trial
The defendant Nevsun Resources Inc. ("Nevsun") is a B.C. mining company that entered into a joint venture with Eritrean state companies to develop and operate the Bisha gold mine near Asmara, Eritrea.
8 Dec 2017
Time Keeps Ticking: Implications Of The New Undue Delay Framework On Regulatory Prosecutions
"Timely justice is one of the hallmarks of a free and democratic society."
11 Oct 2017
Supreme Court Of Canada Clarifies Duty To Consult And Accommodate Indigenous Populations - Sets Out Roadmap For Project Proponents On How To Satisfy Duty
The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously clarified several features of the Crown's duty to consult with and accommodate indigenous populations prior to project approvals being granted.
11 Aug 2017
Wrong Turn Has Court Certify Environmental Class Action
The claim at the heart of Kirk v. Executive Flight Centre Fuel Services, 2017 BCSC 726 is the first of its kind to be certified as a class proceeding in western Canada.
28 Jul 2017
Canadian Companies And The Effects Of Foreign Operations – Out Of Sight, Front Of Mind
As the domestic Canadian economy continues to mature, companies with a healthy appetite for risk can find themselves looking outside Canada to generate significant returns. Investments in foreign jurisdictions come with a myriad of challenges...
27 Mar 2017
British Columbia Court Of Appeal Rules On Corporate Veil Case: Garcia v. Tahoe Resources Inc.
The mine is owned by two subsidiaries of Tahoe. The case has been tied up in jurisdictional arguments since it was commenced.
6 Mar 2017
2016 Year In Review: Top 10 Legislative, Regulatory And Policy Changes And Trends Of Import To The Canadian Energy Industry
The Alberta Government ushered in sweeping legislative changes that spanned from broadly-based carbon levies to a specific cap on oil sands emissions. In 2016, no industry was affected more than power generation.
23 Feb 2017
2016 Year In Review: Top 10 Regulatory Decisions And Trends Of Import To The Canadian Energy Industry
2016 was a busy year from some of the energy regulators. The National Energy Board was moving two pipeline projects forward with approvals of the Trans Mountain expansion and Enbridge's Line 3, both with Federal Government approvals following in December 2016.
21 Feb 2017
The Resource: BLG Energy Law Blog — August 2016 Digest
We follow new and interesting legal issues as they emerge in the energy area.
16 Sep 2016
Impact Of Redwater Energy Outside Alberta: A British Columbia Perspective
Since the Honourable Chief Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench released the decision in Redwater Energy Corporation (Re), 2016 ABQB 278, much has been written about its implications for various stakeholders in Alberta.
8 Jul 2016
12th Annual BLG Environmental Law Update
A number of interesting environmental law decisions were released in 2015. Among the highlights were:
4 May 2016
The Resource: BLG Energy Law Blog March Digest
The wide range of direct and extensive energy experience held by our contributors lends itself to a diverse and insightful examination of current legal trends and topics.
20 Apr 2016
BC Responds To Mount Polley Dam Failure With Proposed Amendments To The Mines Act
On February 25, 2016, as part of British Columbia's response to the Mount Polley dam failure, British Columbia's Minister of Energy and Mines introduced amendments to the Mines Act, RSBC 1996, c 293.
8 Mar 2016
2015 Year In Review: Top 10 Judicial Decisions Of Import To The Canadian Oil And Gas Industry
Last year's list of the top ten judicial decisions of import to the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry illustrated that 2014 was a high-water mark for important judicial decisions affecting the oil and gas industry.
12 Feb 2016
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