22 years after her death, Hollywood star Audrey Hepburn's sons are said to be battling over memorabilia left to them by their mother. The items are said to include costumes, photos, awards, clothing accessories, scripts and posters that belonged to the star.

It is reported that Hepburn's eldest son, Sean Ferrer has issued proceedings against his brother, Luca Dotti, in Los Angeles Superior Court.

It is reported that under her will, Hepburn gave the items to her sons 50/50. She did not specify who got what as she expected them to divvy the items up in an amicable manner, but sadly this has not happened.

Cases like this highlight the importance of ensuring your wills are up to date, and that in respect of your personal items, you leave clear instructions as to their distribution.

Sad as it is, this dispute involving Audrey Hepburn's children is not rare and this is something we lawyers see often.

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