Jersey manages sophisticated bespoke wealth like no other place. It is also a premier jurisdiction for foreign investment into the UK, particularly real estate.

That was the message Collas Crill partners Marcus Hinkley and Leon Santos gave to a diverse audience of investment managers, bankers, trust companies, lawyers and accountants at three Jersey Finance Limited roadshows held in Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore recently.

The roadshow offered the attendees the opportunity to listen to expert speakers on the areas of funds and capital markets as well as private wealth. Jersey firms were well represented at the events, either by their Asian offices or high level people from the Island.

The overriding message from all the seminars was that Jersey has a strong USP for quality, be it in its laws, infrastructure, and above all, its people.

Marcus Hinkley said: "The message was received loud and clear that Jersey rises above other jurisdictions in the level of skill that its industry provides. This quality will put Jersey in pole position to take advantage of the trend toward sophistication of legal structures." 

William Ahern, who is well known in Asia and who gave the keynote address in both the Hong Kong and Singapore private client seminars, echoed the point, warning that the days of commoditisation of private wealth are dead but that Jersey has the laws and people to take advantage of this.

The key message in the funds and capital markets seminars focused on Jersey's leading position for companies listing on the London Stock Exchange and for structuring UK real estate fund and investment vehicles.

Leon Santos said: "Jersey has a high visibility in some South East Asian countries, like Malaysia, and this is growing as more Asian investors look at efficient and sophisticated ways to acquire assets in the UK and Europe. By their nature, these transactions need to stand up to scrutiny. Jersey has a reputation as a centre of excellence for structures which require deep expertise - human talent is its greatest asset".

Marcus concluded: "Jersey manages sophisticated bespoke wealth like no other place. Well advised high net worth clients must minimise jurisdiction risk - and Jersey has always been a well regulated jurisdiction. It's not a tax haven, it offers prudent transparency and compliant confidentiality. In the past 10 years the market has been flooded by those wanting commoditised products. Jersey has never done that and it's quietly prospered from high quality work. In the next 10 years the masses will drop away and discerning people will need what Jersey has to offer."

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