Advocate Stephen Baker, Senior Partner of Baker & Partners, will be the Guest Chair of a half-day complimentary Trusts & Cyber-Currencies seminar held on Friday 3rd July 2015, co-hosted by AO|Hall, Guernsey & Maitland Chambers, London.

Seminar Topics

One might think that cyber-currencies are fundamentally unsuitable for trusts as their reputation for volatility and lack of transparency flies in the face of traditional ideas of prudence and conservatism. But trusts nowadays are used for many purposes, and are frequently established by entrepreneurs or used within transactions, so that inevitably trusts will cross paths with digital finance in a number of potential circumstances.

Using the context of the private trust to discuss cyber-currencies is the ideal opportunity to consider not only how a trustee could properly fulfil his fiduciary duties if he invests in or makes use of digital finance. It also enables us to look at more fundamental questions, such as whether units in cyber-currency amount to property, how secure they are and how they square with established ideas of money and currency. Those questions are as much of interest to the regulator and the investment professional as they ought to be to the prudent trustee.

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