The opportunities for establishing a business which employs staff and occupies premises in the Island are controlled by the Regulation of Undertakings and Development (Jersey) Law 1983. Consent is required from the Finance and Economics Committee for the establishment of any new venture or the enlargement of the floor space of any existing undertaking by more than 100 square feet. The criterion used is the anticipated benefit to the community as compared to the social and economic cost. In the past consent was granted only to businesses either offering services not already adequately supplied in Jersey or of a high standing internationally. In 1989 the Law was amended to control the number of staff employed by all Island businesses and all employers were required to make returns of staff numbers to the authorities. This was introduced in order to control the Island's total population and to protect the environment and way of life. However this policy has since been reversed and any bona fide businesses are now actively encouraged to set up in Jersey. Consent is granted by the Chief Adviser's Office. These restrictions do not apply to investment funds which do not have their own premises and staff on the Island.

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