INDCAM and Centromarca along with the Public Prosecutor's Office at the Magistrate Court of Milan have organised a series of seminars on white collar crimes related to intellectual property law infringements, with particular regard to those provided for by special legislation covering trademarks and patents (such as, for example, passing off and contraband of counterfeit goods), for the repression of which that Prosecutor's Office has exclusive competence. This initiative is aimed inter alia at improving the awareness of the public prosecutors with regard to these matters, which are of relatively lesser criminal relevance but often extremely significant from an economic prospective, in view of the creation of a pool of prosecutors with a high level of specialisation in this area.

This should prove to be of interest to all those who complain about counterfeit trademarks or patents, and who in many cases can only find practical protection through criminal proceedings - also given the weakened efficacy and promptness of Italian civil provisional remedies, which are now afflicted by the accentuated guaranteeism, introduced by the recent reform of civil procedure, towards the party against whom requests are made for sequestration or inhibitory orders before the commencement of, or during, ordinary proceedings for intellectual property infringements or unfair competition.

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