According to a recent ruling (sentence n.188, published on February 12th 2016) by the Court of Appeal in L'Aquila, Italy, non-Eu citizens will not be allowed to reunite with family members living in the EU, should the former not be dependent on the latter.

In the case in point, the subject applying for family reunion had resorted to the geographically competent Court to obtain the revoking of a previous ruling, which prevented his mother-in-law from being granted a Visa to reunite with him.

The application had been rejected from the Dominican embassy and the applicant appealed to the ruling, assuming the judge had erroneously analysed the case.

The man applying for the family reunion had requested to be reunited with his mother-in-law, who was living outside of Italy. In the specific case, the applicant could not provide evidence to prove the woman was economically dependent on him. Economic dependency is a crucial requirement in cases of family reunion, as provided by European Law. The rejection of the reunion request was therefore confirmed by the Court of Appeal.

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