A device conceptualized and marketed by Sony Entertainment, the Play Station has been in the market from over a decade. Every gamer since, has looked forward to a new upgraded launch of the play station, the latest in the market being the PS4. However, recently, Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC, has filed a suit in California District Court, against an individual by the name of Eric Davis for copyright infringement claiming for a permanent injunction against the individual.

Sony has alleged that the individual has been involved in marketing, selling and distributing, 'Jailbroken' PS4 consoles that contain pirated copies of PS4 compatible video games. These were produced and designed for purposes of use and to hamper the technological protection measures that ensure that the original PS4 systems will not support the working of pirated video games made. It is further alleged that similar 'jailbreaks' are available for the PS3 model through his website. All video games sold and distributed by Sony consist of large amounts of creative audiovisual material, stories, characters, and other matter that are wholly original to the company and are subject to copyright for which Sony holds copyright registrations. Further, all First-Party PS4 games and Third-Party PS4 games include copyrighted computer code known as PS Program Code. The Defendant has been selling 'jailbroken' consoles on popular websites like eBay which clearly has a wide audience and is phenomenally affecting Sony causing damages to the tune of millions! (since each video game CD for the PS costs around USD60 (approximately Rs.4000). It has also been observed that the defendant has been publishing codes in order to exploit the PS software and run the pirated game CD's.

Sony has prayed to the Court that all disputed devices are delivered to it for destruction and all profits received by defendant as a result of the alleged infringement, as well as statutory damages and costs incurred are awarded to Sony.

Compiled By: Adv. Sachi Kapoor | Concept & Edited By: Dr. Mohan Dewan

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