The registration of a design gives the registered owner the exclusive right

  • to make in or import into Hong Kong for sale, hire, or other business use; and
  • to sell, hire or offer or expose for sale or hire any articles for which the design is registered. This right extends to designs not substantially different from the registered design.

The right in a registered design is infringed by a person who, without the consent of the owner, does any of the acts that are the exclusive right of the owner; or makes anything for enabling an infringing article to be made; or does or makes anything in relation to a kit that is intended to be assembled into such an article.

Relief, by way of an injunction, damages, or an account of profits or otherwise shall be available to the plaintiff. The plaintiff may also apply for orders for delivery up and disposal of the infringing articles and anything used for making the infringing articles.

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