The jurisdiction advantage

Developers seeking the best solution for their financing can do no better than to seek advice from and to conduct their business in Guernsey.

The reasons stem from our unique business climate: a broad ranging and highly skilled finance industry, the close proximity of these businesses and their willingness to collaborate in the interests of exceptional client solutions.

A comprehensive industry with specialist knowledge

Guernsey plays host to large international banks and also bespoke lenders who have expertise in providing advice on and delivering a variety of funding solutions for property transactions of all user classes.

These providers are experienced in utilising a range of vehicles, including Guernsey Real Estate Investment Trusts (GREITS), Guernsey Property Unit Trusts (GPUTS), various forms of asset holding companies and trust companies.

The Island also has a broad range of world-class financial service providers including fiduciaries; wealth management professionals; accountants and lawyers, who are on hand to ensure that a full spectrum of advice and expertise can be called upon when needed.

A climate for exceptional solutions

The physical layout of Guernseys business district and also the nature of island life ensures that not only are many service providers in close proximity of one another but that strong relationships exist at both personal and organisational level.

These factors allow not only a large amount of business to be conducted in a day, but also an exceptional level of collaboration between businesses to take place when looking to meet client needs. Be it accessing particular expertise, or combining forces with other lenders, Guernsey practitioners are dedicated not only to finding the right solution but also to delivering it.

Ideally located

Choose Guernsey! Were situated just off the coast of continental Europe and yet also less than an hour from the UK. The Island has regular air links to London, is English speaking and deals in the British pound.

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