Guernsey is a leading international fiduciary centre with 50 years experience of supplying trust and corporate services.

The Island plays host to a significant number and wide range of providers, from large organisations to independent, boutique operations. In addition, there are many licensed individuals who can act as directors, co-trustees or trust protectors. There is substantial expertise in using the innovative modern structures that are available on the Island for the preservation of both institutional and individual/family wealth and assets.

Guernsey is growing an excellent reputation in the emerging niche market of the family office, where it can build on its track record of providing trust services for individuals and families. In addition, the Island remains a jurisdiction of choice for corporate settlors using trusts for the administration of pension schemes and employee share plans. Corporate structures are utilised to hold assets and investments of all types including residential and commercial property, intellectual property rights and yachts. Estate and inheritance planning are key elements of the Island’s wealth management offering.

Intellectual property (IP), the protection of inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce, is a growth area in Guernsey. The Island opened an office solely responsible for the administration and registration of IP in Spring 2006 and a year later it had experienced a 100% increase in registrations of trademarks. The opening of the office has also led to opportunities for growth in the structuring of IP assets in Guernsey. The Island is also continuing to grow its suite of IP-related legislation.

Guernsey has a tried and tested trusts law. In addition, the key stakeholders are active in monitoring and implementing developments in the fiduciary arena so as to ensure local practitioners have access to the most comprehensive range of products when seeking client solutions.

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