In a joint venture with the Guernsey Civil Service Board, Bournemouth University and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries, the Finance Training Agency has created a unique training opportunity - a post-graduate MSc degree that simultaneously confers membership of the ICSA.

The alternative route to ICSA membership for Guernsey students involves substantial distance learning. The new approach provides students from different backgrounds in finance with on-Island university tuition. The lecturers completed their first year's tuition at the FTA and 14 students, including one of the Commission's staff, sit their first exams in Guernsey this summer. In addition, they each have to produce a 12,000 word dissertation.

Banking sector student Gerry Morrisey FICB says: 'It really is a tough commitment. We are required to submit assignments throughout the year as well as take exams and prepare a dissertation. It will all be worthwhile as successful students will receive two highly commended qualifications.'

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