Harry Taylor, who has been one of the Commissioners at the Financial Services Commission since 1988, has been made a CBE.

Mr Taylor has also served since 1986 on the Board of Banking Supervision established under the UK Banking Act 1987 to advise the Bank of England on matters of banking supervision.

During his distinguished banking career Mr Taylor served with Martins Bank Limited from 1942 until 1969 and was Joint General Manager when it merged with Barclays Bank Limited.

In mid-1969 he joined Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, in London and in 1976 moved to New York as Executive Vice President in charge of the International Division. Two years later he was appointed Vice Chairman of MHTC and in 1982 became President of the holding company Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. He retired from Manufacturers Hanover in 1985 but is still associated with a number of businesses in Guernsey and London.

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