Richard Tee, a Director of Polygon Insurance Company Limited and Polygon Management Limited since 1993, takes the helm at the Guernsey International Business Association (GIBA) the body that liaises closely with Guernsey authorities on behalf of the finance sector as a whole.

Richard originally trained as a naval architect for the UK Ministry of Defence. After completing an MBA at Warwick University in 1989 he moved to Guernsey, joining the Island's largest captive insurance manager, Transglobe (Guernsey) Limited. He worked on the development of aviation underwriting and, when Polygon separated from Transglobe, Richard became General Manager with responsibility for finance and corporate issues.

He was the first Chairman of the Guernsey Association of Insurers when it was formed in 1994.

Ansel Holder, managing director since July 1996 of Royal Bank of Canada (Channel Islands) Limited, is the new Chairman of the Association of Guernsey Banks (AGB). He believes Guernsey has an enviable record as a sophisticated and well regulated offshore financial centre and says the AGB will work closely with the Commission to ensure this reputation is maintained and strengthened, wherever possible.

Born in Cheshire in 1947 he joined the Royal Bank in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1968 after four years with the Midland Bank in Liverpool. He held various branch banking positions with Royal Bank in Canada and the Caribbean before being transferred to London in 1978 as Manager, corporate accounts UK. ln 1981 he moved to Montreal as Manager, personnel services, international/corporate banking. In 1985 he was appointed Manager, corporate personnel services for Canada and Vice-President, corporate human resources, in 1989. Following the acquisition in 1993 of Royal Trust by Royal Bank of Canada he became Vice-President, human resources at Royal Trust.

Albert Good Managing Director since 1994 of Credit Suisse (Guernsey) Limited and Managing Director of all the group's Guernsey banking entities since 1995, is the new Chairman of the International Bankers' Association (IBA) which he also represents on the Council of GIBA.

He has worked in Zurich, London, Geneva, Ecuador, Australia, Venezuela and Grand Cayman and has over 12 years experience in the offshore banking, trust fund and administration business.

He describes himself as an active participant in the banking sector of the Island's economy and does his best to achieve not only success for Credit Suisse but also for the IBA's main objectives for 1997/98: to maintain good working relations with the Commission; to continue involvement in proposed regulations and laws; to bring the banking sector closer together; to promote the simplification of laws and regulations; to promote Guernsey and the banking industry.

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