Three new chairman have been elected to head up key associations in Guernsey.

Patrick Murrin FCA, of accountants Saffrey Champness, takes over the helm of the Guernsey International Business Association, (GIBA) the body that liaises closely with Guernsey authorities on behalf of the finance sector as a whole.

Patrick joined Saffrey Champness, London, in 1974 and moved to Guernsey in 1983 becoming a partner in the firm three years later. He has served on the Committee of the Guernsey Society of Chartered and Certified Accountants and was its President between 1991-1993. He has been a Council member of GIBA since 1995.

He qualified in Guernsey for his private pilot's licence and is a member of the Royal Guernsey Golf Club.

Nick McCathie, Managing Director of Guinness Flight Fund Managers (Guernsey) is now chairman of the Guernsey Fund Managers Association. A Guernseyman, he started his career in 1974 with the Bank of Bermuda (Guernsey) where he specialised in setting up and managing offshore funds for leading UK groups.

A year after joining Guinness Flight in 1986 he was appointed a Director and has been Managing Director since 1994.

Mr McCathie believes that Guernsey's fund management industry is well placed to build on its reputation and maturity. "The breadth and depth of experience gained in over 20 years means we enjoy an enviable position which few other offshore centres can equal," he says.

Richard Olliver is the new chairman of the Association of Guernsey Banks (AGB) which has 62 members drawn from all the varied types of banking institutions in the Island. AGB is also represented on the council of the Guernsey International Business Association.

Mr Olliver has been involved in the banking sector of Guernsey's economy since 1974, working initially with a clearing bank and for the past 18 years with Hambros Bank (Guernsey) Limited. Having served five years as the bank's Managing Director he was recently appointed Chief Executive of both Hambros in Guernsey and of Hambros Bank (Jersey) Limited.


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