A new service designed to put the planners of offshore financial services conferences and seminars in touch with qualified and experienced Guernsey professionals willing to speak at such events has been launched by the Commission.

Details of the wide variety of offshore financial services expertise available in Guernsey to UK and overseas conference organisers are contained in a leaflet entitled Speakers' Panel and available free of charge from the Commission.

Requests to the Commission for speakers on particular topics will be forwarded to appropriately qualified professionals who have volunteered for inclusion on the Commission's speakers' panel compiled with the help of the Guernsey International Business Association.

This should help conference organisers streamline the process of obtaining appropriate speakers from Guernsey for particular events.


Please note: The Financial Services Commission has a new E-mail address which is info@gfsc.guernsey.net and its information site on the Internet can now be located on http://gfsc.guernsey.net

However, http://www.itl.net/go/to/GuernseyFSC will remain active for the foreseeable future.

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