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In February of this year, KPMG Germany began a new phase of its business development by establishing a legal services corporation: KPMG Treuhand und Goerdeler GmbH. Through the new legal services corporation, KPMG Germany is now able to offer a full range of commercial legal services. The legal services corporation is a German law firm staffed by German lawyers and not subject to the restrictions on legal counselling which apply to tax and accounting firms.

The legal services corporation of KPMG Germany already has offices in nine key German cities: Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Mannheim, and Munich. A general manager heads the office in each location. The legal services corporation presently employs 102 German attorneys at law, a figure which will rise considerably in the coming months.

The core areas of competency of the legal services corporation are corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and reorganisation, securities law including stock listings, media law, banking law, bankruptcy law, due diligence investigations, public and private construction law, real estate transactions, labour law, and social insurance law. In these areas, the legal services corporation will sometimes act in tandem with the tax, accounting, and financial service professionals of KPMG Germany and sometimes operate autonomously, depending on the circumstances.

KPMG Germany's establishment of a legal services corporation is an event of prime importance for international clients in particular, who will in the future no longer have to go outside of KPMG Germany for a wide array of legal services. The legal services corporation cements the leading position of KPMG Germany as a provider of a full spectrum of professional services.

The following is a list of contact partners and numbers for KPMG Treuhand & Goerdeler GmbH, the legal services corporation of KPMG Germany established in February 1999.


Eckhart von Nussbaum

Kurfürstendamm 207-208

D-10719 Berlin


Telephone: +49-(0)30-8861-20

Telefax: +49-(0)30-8861-2100




Cornelia Lindhorn

Am Wall 175-177

D-28195 Bremen


Telephone: +49-(0)421-3355-70

Telefax: +49-(0)421-3355-7222




Dr. Erhard Tönjes

Am Bonneshof 35

D-40474 Düsseldorf


Telephone: +49-(0)211-5189-890

Telefax: +49-(0)211-5189-8929



Frankfurt am Main

Rudolf Herfurth

Wolfger Ketzler

Marie-Curie-Straße 30

D-60439 Frankfurt am Main



Telephone: +49-(0)69-5809-030

Telefax: +49-(0)69-5809-0331




Jürgen E. Milatz

Spitaler Hof

Kurze Mühren 1

D-20095 Hamburg



Telephone: +49-(0)40-3201-5242

Telefax: +49-(0)40-3201-5142




Detlev. R. Haselmann

Barbarossaplatz 1a

D-50674 Cologne


Telephone: +49-(0)221-2073-04

Telefax: +49-(0)221-2073-204




Dr. Nikolaus Petersen

Beethovenstraße 1

D-04107 Leipzig


Telephone: +49-(0)341-5660-860

Telefax: +49-(0)341-5660-870



Hans-Jochen Gutike

Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 12

D-68165 Mannheim


Telephone: +49-(0)621-4185-529

Telefax: +49-(0)621-4185-500



Berthold Goerdeler

Hans-Peter Aicher

Englschalkinger Straße 12

D-81925 Munich



Telephone: +49-(0)89-9200-900

Telefax: +49-(0)89-9200-9035

For further information, please send a fax stating your inquiry to KPMG Frankfurt, attn. Christian Looks +49-(0)69-9587-2262 or an e-mail using the button appearing below. Please state your name and organisation in all inquiries.

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