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40212 Dusseldorf
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Freiherr-Vom-Strein Strasse 24-26
60323 Frankfurt-Am-Main
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Isartorplatz 8,
80331 Munchen
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20354 Hamburg
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10178 Berlin
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Ferdinand-Rhode Strasse 16
04107 Leipzig
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149, Avenue Louise
B-1050 Brussel
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200335 Shanghai
Suite 22005
Super Ocean Financial Center
2168, Yanan Xi LU
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The law firm Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange was created in 1990 through the merger of four partnerships which look back on a long tradition of serving industry and commerce, in some cases since the nineteenth century. Staffed with over 130 attorneys and with offices in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig, Brussels and Shanghai, the firm is now one of the largest and most prestigious in Germany.

Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange provides legal counsel in all areas of civil and commercial law, including M&A, property, banking, media, intellectual property, antitrust, media, construction, labor, pension, trade, maritime, transportation, unfair competition, administrative and environmental law. The firm offers representation in arbitration and court proceedings in Germany, the US and EC courts.


The Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Group was created to streamline the services necessary and useful for the preparation, negotiation and implementation of corporate restructures. Accordingly, we offer specialized legal expertise in every aspect of merger, acquisition and reorganization transactions. Our partners are familiar the business issues and trends in all industrial sectors. We can provide our clients with contacts in industry, finance, banking, investment, insurance and government.


The Group has broad experience in negotiating and drafting agreements on asset or share deals, management buy-outs and buy-ins. Members of the Group provide all services required for due diligence reports; tax matters, including trans-border and international tax problems; property transactions; anti-trust considerations; and, in cooperation with our Brussels office, European Union Law.

We not only offer the legal services necessary for starting a business in Germany, but can also organize the administrative framework for our clients' businesses. We can provide our clients with services from our business colleagues who are active as certified public accountants, technical experts, actuaries, pension fund specialists, appraisers, property managers, brokers and insurance brokers.

We are nationally known as one of the leading firms in intellectual property law. We are frequently commissioned for restructuring matters and outsourcing transactions.


Dr. Rudiger von Hulst, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, practices in tax , construction, and company law including mergers and acquisitions, and specializes in electronic media industry law.

Konstantin Graf Lambsdorff, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, 1991-1992 worked in company privatization with the German Treuhand, since 1993 works in mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions at WBGZL

Dr. Alexander Loos, Managing Partner, Rechtsanwalt, Tax Law Specialist by national examination, provides legal counsel and is on the board of directors of many companies.

Dr. Alexander Schroder-Frerkes, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, LLM European and International Law, Specializes in national and international mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Gustav-Adolf Lange, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, Civil Law Notary, M&A, Expert in property transactions, and national and international contract law

Dr. Erich Michel, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, LLM University of Georgia School of Law (1991), admitted to New York Bar (1992), Specialist in cross border mergers and acquisitions and outsourcing.

Mr. Klaus Vorwerk, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, specializes in unfair competition, antitrust, and copyright law in mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Bernhard Kloft, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, specializes in mergers and acquisitions and banking law.

Dr. Michael A. Veltins, Partner, Rechsanwalt, Tax Lawyer by national examination (Fachanwalt), specializing in tax law in mergers and acquisitions, and international law.

Dr. Michael Sommer, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, Tax Consultant, Expert in tax questions regarding mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations.

Dr. Cornelius Weitbrecht, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, specializes in mergers and acquisitions and international business law. He is especially knowledgeable about the telecommunications and automobile markets.

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For further information please contact Dr Erich Michel, Wessing Berenberg-Gossler Zimmermann Lange, Freiherr-Vom-Stein-Strasse 24-26, Frankfurt am Maim 60323, Frankfurt, Germany- Tel: +496 997 1300, Fax: +496 997 130100.

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