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Siqueira Castro Advogados
Law n. 13.460, of June 26th 2017, sets forth basic rules for participation, protection and defense of the rights of the users of public services rendered direct or indirectly by the Public Government.
Salusse Marangoni Advogados
A lei entrará em vigor após 60 (sessenta) dias de sua publicação no diário oficial.
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
A decisão determinou, ainda, que o FNDE proceda a reabertura dos lotes fechados em 13/8/2015, a fim de viabilizar a utilização dos certificados para pagamento dos tributos com vencimento em 20/8/2015.
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
Na última sexta-feira, dia 11 de setembro de 2015, foi comemorado os 25 anos da promulgação do Código de Defesa do Consumidor.​
Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr. e Quiroga Advogados
No julgamento do Recurso Especial nº 1.479.039-MG, realizado no último dia 6/10/2015, a Segunda Turma do Superior Tribunal de Justiça alterou seu entendimento sobre o tema da diferenciação...
It is known the natural wear of a product and the need to replace it with time is normal.
The recall in Brazil is the process by which the manufacturer or service provider has the obligation to recall any product or service which may pose any risk to the safety or health.
The Consumer Protection Code is soon to turn 25. This law brought indisputable advances in the protection of consumer rights, especially as regards protection of consumers' health, a social right provided for in article 196 of the Brazilian Federal Constitution and supplemented by article 2, Law no. 8.080/90, which sets up the conditions for health promotion, protection and recovery, as well as the organization and operation of corresponding services.
After intense criticism and almost half of its articles vetoed, Bill no. 5120 intended to regulate the activities of tourism agencies in Brazil was finally passed into Law (no. 12974/2014) by the President of the Republic.
Under the Consumer Protection Law, the piercing of the corporate veil is an issue that still raises controversies - in view of its significant practical effects, especially to suppliers - and involves the following questions: is it necessary to exist fraud or abuse of right by the partners ..
Tauil & Chequer
President Dilma Rousseff published, on March 15, Decree 7,962/2013, which establishes specific rules applicable to electronic commerce in Brazil.
For decades cigarette smoking has been a polemical and controversial subject, either due to the damages attributed to tobacco consumption or to the restrictive policies applied to the product.
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