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In the classic board game of MonopolyTM there are the official rules, and there are the "house rules".
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Quebec’s construction-industry regulator has increasingly been seeking penal sanctions against contractors for false statements made to the RBQ.
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In last June’s controversial Supreme Court of Canada decision in Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia, the court made a declaration of Aboriginal title, but did not provide much guidance.
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Enjoy this personal video message from Aird & Berlis LLP Condo Partner, Denise Lash.
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A Justice of the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench has held that a farmer who received a loan on the security of a flock of sheep was in partnership with a divorcee who he was living with.
Miller Thomson LLP
Our condominium board has recently learned that an owner in our townhouse complex has been renting out rooms to boarders.
Miller Thomson LLP
The gardening committee recently had new trees and shrubs planted, including a large tree that blocks our window.
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Holdback obligations under the Ontario Construction Lien Act [CLA] are stringent. Pursuant to s. 22 of the CLA, the owner is required to hold back 10 percent of the contract price from the contractor, plus the amount of any registered liens of which the owner has received notice, on behalf of subcontractors.
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Suppose for a moment that in negotiating a lease, the landlord was required to tell a prospective tenant that it had received no offers in the last six months.
Lawson Lundell LLP
Frequent readers of this blog may recall a post from October 2012, in which we wrote about a Supreme Court of Canada decision that some believed, at the time, would result in the "death knell" for the remedy of specific performance in Canada at least in respect of commercial real estate transactions.
WeirFoulds LLP
In Re Estate of Ireni Traitses, Justice David Brown raised the issue of a cost-effective procedure when dealing with a "one house will fight".
Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP
A recent decision of the BC Supreme Court in North Pender Island Local Trust Committee v. Hunt 2014 BCSC 1438 illustrates limits of non-conforming use protection.
Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP
Many municipalities struggle with encroachments on municipal highways, particularly in the circumstance where private property abuts on an unopened road allowance (such as a lane), which, through the installation of patios, barbeque pits and gardens, gets treated by the property owner as part of his or her private property.
McMillan LLP
In Quebec, municipalities must collect what is commonly referred to as "land transfer duties" (infamously known as the "Welcome Tax" or "taxe de Bienvenue" in French), which are triggered upon the "transfer" of real property located within their territories.
McCarthy Tétrault LLP
It is not uncommon for parties to enter into contracts for the purchase and sale of real estate that contain defects which may affect their enforceability.
Long before municipal zoning by-laws existed, restrictive covenants were used as an effective community planning tool.
Miller Thomson LLP
Enforcing common expense arrears through power of sale proceedings may, on occasion, entail the corporation having to deal with an owner’s personal possessions.
Miller Thomson LLP
Toronto has the largest number of condominiums of any jurisdiction in North America. Many of our condominiums have more residents than small towns.
Lawson Lundell LLP
Deciding what to do with a defaulting commercial tenant can be a trap for the unwary.
Miller Thomson LLP
Environmental degradation, urban sprawl, waning water resources, increase in population, and dependence on imports are all factors putting significant pressure on the food supply.
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The Quebec Court of Appeal recently released a new decision called Makivik c Quebec on the duty of the Crown to comply with treaty obligations.
McInnes Cooper
On June 26, 2014, in a groundbreaking decision on Aboriginal title, the Supreme Court of Canada significantly elaborated on the legal test for Aboriginal title in Canada.
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The decision of the Court of Appeal in TD Bank v. Phillips involves a separated couple, their joint asset, a joint debt, and an outcome that is anything but.
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The Supreme Court of Canada issued a ground-breaking declaration of Aboriginal title on June 26, 2014.
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My previous article was about how to properly claim your principal residence exemption on the sale of your home, and some of the rules you have to keep in mind.
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Separation of legal and beneficial ownership of real property is common in the commercial real estate context.
Field LLP
Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, one of the crucial terms to consider when negotiating a lease is the renewal clause.
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Selling your home? If so, you are likely caught up in the usual headaches that come with such a transaction.
Miller Thomson LLP
Environmental degradation, urban sprawl, waning water resources, increase in population, and dependence on imports are all factors putting significant pressure on the food supply.
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With the Canadian dollar weakening and the price of US real estate rising, many Canadians who have previously purchased US real estate may now be tempted to sell.
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