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Property developers and investors should be aware of these issues when trying to finalise a 'pre-contract' arrangement:
Holding Redlich
The newsletter has links to recent media releases, industry reports and cases relating to construction & infrastructure.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics yesterday released the Consumer Price Index figures for the June 2014 quarter.
K&L Gates
The changes will reform the provision and enhance consumer protection by simplifying a vendor's disclosure obligations.
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.
The Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources introduced a new circular aimed at avoiding waste and the overdevelopment of land resources.
Mayer Brown JSM
The Property Management Services Bill (the "Bill") was gazetted on 25 April 2014.
Cavell Leitch
A myriad of post-quake property issues are only now rearing their ugly heads.
Duncan Cotterill
The Recovery Plan recognises that the existing Living Zones result in an unnecessarily complex planning environment.
Cavell Leitch
A number of technical amendments have been made to the Unit Titles Act 2010.
Cavell Leitch
When meth is manufactured or used, a wide range of poisonous, explosive, and extremely flammable chemicals are used.
Cavell Leitch
The Act is implemented by local councils, and there are no strict guidelines for how those councils should act.
Cavell Leitch
A tenant is obligated to maintain the premises to the same condition as at the commencement of the lease.
Cavell Leitch
The purchaser of a unit can cancel the agreement if the disclosure statements are not provided within prescribed times.
Cavell Leitch
The standard timeframes in a purchase agreement must be amended to take into account a purchaser's special conditions.
Cavell Leitch
This situation showed the importance of insurance – vendors need to maintain insurance right up to the settlement day.
Cavell Leitch
Builders or those working in the construction industry should obtain a code compliance certificate as soon as possible.
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Exemptions or concessions on stamp duty could apply when contemplating the purchase or transfer of NSW real estate.
Singh & Associates
After much delay and deliberation The Real Estate Regulation and Development Bill, 2013 has been approved by the Union Cabinet on June 4, 2013.
DLA Piper Australia
This paper discusses the main elements of a defects liability clause and considerations for negotiating this clause.
Singh & Associates
"With the advent of globalization and liberalization in real estates and construction industries, it is essential to have in place a comprehensive legal framework not only to minimize the disputes and risks attached, but also to encourage global investors".
CBP Lawyers
Proposed reforms in NSW will make it easier to extinguish strata schemes and facilitate much-needed redevelopment.
CBP Lawyers
Subcontractor negligence was covered by the contractor's liability insurance policy through contract arrangements.
Swaab Attorneys
If a party seeks to claim set off, then the amounts should be included in a certificate of payment or payment schedule.
DLA Piper Australia
This paper provides some common examples of boilerplate clauses (standard clauses) to be included in all contracts.
Singh & Associates
The doctrine of Estoppels, precludes a person from denying or to negate anything to the contrary of that which has been constituted as truth, either by his own actions, by his deeds or by his representations or by the acts of judicial or legislative officers.
Singh & Associates
Rapid urbanization and industrial growth in almost all major cities has forced government to acquire land for executing infrastructure projects.
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