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If you haven't heard of Bitcoin, it's time to buckle in and read this blog.
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Now you've drafted your message, but it's not ready yet – it cannot be sent unless the recipients have provided consent.
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The words "When I get older, losing my hair, many years from now" from the old Beatles song about life as a 64-year-old are familiar to many. Sir
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China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Network Security in the Telecommunications and Internet Sectors.
King & Wood Mallesons
Recent changes in regulations greatly improve the opportunity for video game companies to build their business in China,.
King & Wood Mallesons
Seven departments jointly announced"The Notice of Economic Policies Supporting the Development of Film Industry".
Mayer Brown JSM
By definition a force majeure is an event outside the control of the parties.
Mayer Brown JSM
The Home Affairs Department of the government has issued a consultation document (the "Document") reviewing the Hotel and Guesthouse Accommodation Ordinance
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Gambling in India is regulated by the Public Gambling Act, which specifically prohibits public gambling and running or being in charge of a common gaming house.
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ASCI had issued guidelines dated August 14, 2014 regarding advertising for skin lightening or fairness improvement products.
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Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression has emerged as a sine qua non in a democracy.
Nishith Desai Associates
The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has released an advisory with respect to carrying of advertisements, which are in violation of the ASCI Code on all TV channels.
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Among the crucial developments in the last month, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ("TRAI") reduced ceiling tariffs for domestic leased circuits.
PSA Legal Counsellors
The Department of Telecom is planning to make broadband internet a basic right as part of the National Broadband Policy.
Nishith Desai Associates
Since the new government in India has taken office, there have been numerous important policy related directives issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.
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The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion is working on a discussion paper to re-consider the cap on royalty payments to foreign partners/parent companies.
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Malaysia Airlines ran a promotional offer for a contest offering prizes for asking participants what would their "bucket list" be and why they chose their preferred destination.
Cavell Leitch
NZ website owners, such as "" are able to register or reserve the shorter domain name, "".
Chapman Tripp
This issue discusses the protection and remedies available to an innocent party against the misuse of electronic data.
Duncan Cotterill
The Commerce Commission may also have been concerned that Telecom's acquisition breached the Commerce Act.
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Concerns about privacy and data control are often cited as major impediments to the growth and wide adoption of Cloud.
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India is witnessing a digital revolution with internet becoming an integral part of its population and availability of internet in the mobile phones.
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As part of his plans to promote and fundraise for the Invictus Games, Harry is trying to trade mark the 'Invictus' name.
PSA Legal Counsellors
The last decade in India has seen a steady rise in e-commerce due to significant increase in the number of internet users, proliferation of internet-enabled devices, etc.
Singh & Associates
In the recent times we have seen a considerable development in the Open Source Software, it has transformed from oddity to a major business model.
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Bitcoin is a cryptographic, digital and experimental currency introduced in the digital world in 2008.
Singh & Associates
Particularly for urban areas, the accessibility to platforms of e-commerce is not just an opportunity but rather a necessity for most people.
K&L Gates
The management of cyber-risk needs to be high on the boardroom agenda, and clearly insurance also plays a vital role.
Singh & Associates
Social media and networking websites have occupied an insurmountable space in our lives.
In litigation, metadata can provide useful evidence and can be a powerful tool to prove a series of chronological events.
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