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The case, first of its kind in Australia, sends a message that personal attacks with social media will not be tolerated.
Most investigations and litigation discovery processes involve the review of electronic information.
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The defendants had failed to comply with an enforcement order made by the court in an earlier enforcement proceeding.
The case outlined how parties could ensure that documents served by electronic means would be held as served.
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Why the right evidence, in the right way, at the right time is essential for success in litigation.
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When entering into transactions with Chinese, enforcement should already be taken into account during negotiations.
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While Chinese judgments are technically public, until now there has been no public database to search judgments.
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The Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre has revised its arbitration rules.
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Supreme Court holds that it is important to ensure that doubts are not cast on neutrality, impartially and independence of the Arbitral Tribunal
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US Court applied tests to be satisfied under US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure in a motion for ‘class action’ by the dealers.
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The beginning of new international arbitration friendly regime in India was marked when the Supreme Court of India handed down a landmark judgement "Bharat Aluminium Company and Ors. v. Kaiser Aluminium Technical Services Inc. and Ors."
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The Supreme Court in Enercon v Enercon has rendered a landmark decision affirming the pro-arbitration outlook Indian courts have developed in the past few years.
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The Commercial Court in Habas Sinai Ve Tibbi Gazlar Istihsal Endustrisi AS v VSC Steel Company Ltd reaffirmed the principle laid down in Sul America Cia Nacional De Seguros S.A. and others v Enesa Engenharia S.A. and Arsanovia Ltd v Cruz City Mauritius Holdings.
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Supreme Court considers the meaning of "Court" under Section 2 (1) (e) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.
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In a landmark decision the Supreme Court of India has expressly removed allegations of fraud as a bar to refer parties to foreign seated arbitrations.
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Arbitration is a medium which provides an effective and expeditious dispute resolution framework unlike the Court proceedings which takes number of years in resolving disputes between the parties.
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Japan's arbitration legislation spans almost 125 years.
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We often read about the large number of substantial disputes that are brought before the English courts involving parties with no connection to England.
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The prevailing attitude of private businesses and local citizens towards foreign investment in Kazakhstan is positive. Central gov-ernment has always declared that it is open to foreign investment, and that it seeks ways to increase investment levels.
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The Court departed from the strict rule governing the incorporation of arbitration clauses from one contract to another.
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Arbitration is a medium which provides an effective and expeditious dispute resolution framework unlike the Court proceedings which takes number of years in resolving disputes between the parties.
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The Part I of the Arbitration Act is applicable only to all the arbitrations which take place in the territory of India.
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Under India Legal System, the law relating to injunction has been provided in the Specific Relief Act, 1963.
The article examines the facts behind the proposed class action and outlines practical steps to reduce a similar risk.
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A NSW school teacher has been awarded $105,000 in damages for defamation for comments published about her on Twitter.
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The Constitution of India is the supreme law of the land.
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"There may be times when we are powerless to prevent justice’ but there must never be a time we fail to protest"
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Plea bargaining is essentially derived from the principal of ‘Nalo Contendere’ which literary means ‘I do not wish to contend’.
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The doctrine of Estoppels, precludes a person from denying or to negate anything to the contrary of that which has been constituted as truth, either by his own actions, by his deeds or by his representations or by the acts of judicial or legislative officers.
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The phrase "consequential loss" is very commonly used in exclusion and limitation of liability clauses.
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