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Holding Redlich
Any applicants will now be subject to strict requirements as to what they can demand from alleged copyright infringers
The inquiry will examine whether the IP system appropriately encourages and incentivises innovation and investment.
Madderns Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys
The Patents Commissioner can rely on documents that are not formally in evidence in order to protect the public interest.
Marks & Clerk
For very many years now, interested parties have been filing patent applications in Cambodia, but none of these patent applications have ever gone to grant until recently...
Beijing East IP Law Firm
Some Chinese equivalents for English trademarks are protected in China, while others are not.
Peksung Intellectual Property
Patent owners in China can enforce their rights through two routes: judicial (ie, Chinese courts) and administrative (ie, local intellectual property offices). The current measures for the administrative enforcement of patents came into effect on February 1, 2011.
In China, victims of trade secret misappropriation suffering losses over RMB 500,000 are entitled to file a civil action and may also report the case to public security authorities to initiate a criminal investigation.
Beijing East IP Law Firm
Mr. Jason WANG and Ms. Yan ZHANG, partners and PRC attorneys-at-law at Beijing East IP Law Firm, successfully represented Freddie Mac in the court proceedings.
King & Wood Mallesons
Civil enforcement is the last, yet crucial step in IP litigation and the protection of IP rights holders' interests.
King & Wood Mallesons
The trademark, filed in another name without authorisation should be as "obtained through means of fraud" and be invalid.
King & Wood Mallesons
The contents of a disclaimed part should not be taken into account in the comparison of similarity of a later filed mark.
King & Wood Mallesons
Service invention in PRC includes patents invented and filed in China and patents invented in China but filed abroad.
Peksung Intellectual Property
The protection of industrial designs in China is provided by the patent law and the industrial designs are called design patents, like in the US.
King & Wood Mallesons
This guideline summarizes the challenges of IP protection online and offers measures and strategies in response.
Mayer Brown JSM
The US company argued that it was not liable for infringement because Xin Bai Lun is simply a direct transliteration of "New Balance".
Withers LLP
Tra il novembre e il dicembre 2014 hanno ufficialmente iniziato la propria attività i tribunali specializzati in proprietà intellettuale a Pechino, Shanghai e Guangzhou.
Mayer Brown JSM
In April 2015, the Guangdong Intermediate People's Court delivered a judgment against New Balance for trade mark infringement.
Food is not only a means for survival for all life cycles, but also a fascination for food enthusiasts.
The advancement in digital technology has allowed copyright owners to disseminate their work across borders at the click of a button.
In the recent past, the traditional conception of copyright has given way to rise of various complex matters to cope up with the advancements in the nature of works and the medium of their expressions that propose protection under the Copyright Law.
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The copyright owner should uncover details for those who downloaded pirate versions of the movie Dallas Buyers Club.
Singh & Associates
One of the boons of liberalized economy was closure of monopolistic market and development of a competitive regime globally which gave birth to antitrust jurisprudence.
Singh & Associates
Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) is one of the most prominent IP tribunal in the country.
Coleman Greig Lawyers
This Determination aims to reduce the risk of the public being misled by identical or nearly identical business names.
Singh & Associates
Technology Transfer is the process by which the information or knowledge related to the technological aspects travel within the group or between the organizations or entity.
InvnTree Intellectual Property Services Pvt. Ltd.
Computer software or programs are instructions that are executed by a computer. These are in the form of source codes and object codes, which take a lot of skill, time and labor to develop them.
Singh & Associates
Scène à faire is a French term which means "scene to be made" or "scene that must be done".
Singh & Associates
Section 39 of the Indian Patents Act is of prime importance during Patent prosecution.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
The case confirms the value of copyright in architects' plans, in delivering a powerful remedy of mandatory alterations.
In India, after the neem patent controversy, the need to protect the traditional knowledge of India has gained importance.
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