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In this Alert, we explain the reasons for the judgement in Verrocchi v Direct Chemist Outlet.
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New start-up businesses should also develop and protect one of their most valuable assets – their intellectual property.
Criminal charges were levelled in what would normally be a civil dispute, shining a spotlight on the issues of IP theft.
Holman Webb
If hackers or ex-staff can obtain access to computer systems, they can steal IP and cause significant commercial damage.
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Name the patent system that doesn't have at least one of these problems: enforcement takes too long, damages are too difficult to prove, litigation costs too much and compensation is too low.
King & Wood Mallesons
The TRAB and courts agree that trade names, copyrights and rights of individual name could be protected as prior rights.
King & Wood Mallesons
The draft of the Fourth Amendments to the Chinese Patent Law was released for public comment, with substantive changes.
Peksung Intellectual Property
Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights in China refers to the measures taken by Chinese customs according to the law preventing the import and export of infringing goods.
Peksung Intellectual Property
On February 11, 2015 China's State Intellectual Property office (SIPO) held a press conference to disclose statistics for patent filing and granting in 2014.
Peksung Intellectual Property
On April 1, 2015, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) published a new draft of the fourth amendment to the Chinese patent law, for solicitation of public comments.
Calculating compensation in intellectual property litigation can be a tricky issue. Although the award of high compensation in IP cases seems to be increasing in China, in general compensation for most of IP cases remains low, which discourages right holders to safeguard their rights.
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According to the principle of double jeopardy, a repetitive litigation initiated with respect to a legally effective judgment, ruling, and settlement based on the same facts and reasons should not be tried twice.
Beijing East IP Law Firm
Within a novelty grace period, certain pre-filing disclosures will not cause lose of the novelty of the subsequent patent application.
Beijing East IP Law Firm
Prior design defense is a very important non-infringement defense system in design patent infringement lawsuits.
The methods of calculating damages for trade secret misappropriation are thus crucial, since remedies available to the trade secret holder are determined by these methods.
Beijing East IP Law Firm
In design patent infringement disputes, there is a certain number of copies or imitations across categories.
Beijing East IP Law Firm
The Influence of Functional Features on the Overall Visual Appearance of a Design (Administrative Judgment (2011) Xing Ti Zi No.2 by the Supreme People's Court on October 25, 2012).
Mayer Brown JSM
The Copyright Tribunal (the "Tribunal") is an independent quasi-judicial body that was established on 1 December 1997 under section 169 of the Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528) (the "CO").
Mayer Brown JSM
The Copyright Tribunal (the "Tribunal") is an independent quasi-judicial body that was established on 1 December 1997 under section 169 of the Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528) (the "CO").
Singh & Associates
The Indian Patent Office published the Indian Patents (Amendment) Rules, 2014 which have come effective from Friday, 28th of February, 2014.
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In 2013, the Federal Court has provided useful guidance on some key aspects of trade mark infringement and protection.
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One of the boons of liberalized economy was closure of monopolistic market and development of a competitive regime globally which gave birth to antitrust jurisprudence.
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The Internet Domain Names have now become much more than mere representing the websites of different companies on the Internet.
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Section 39 of the Indian Patents Act is of prime importance during Patent prosecution.
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The plaintiffs won a court order requiring several ISPs in Australia to divulge customer details to copyright holders.
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Technology Transfer is the process by which the information or knowledge related to the technological aspects travel within the group or between the organizations or entity.
In India, after the neem patent controversy, the need to protect the traditional knowledge of India has gained importance.
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Time and again it has been notified by the Indian Patent Office that deadlines are to be followed on a strict note.
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India under the leadership of new Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has started ‘Make In India’ campaign which is a well thought out idea in order to achieve the self sufficiency and the growth of the economy.
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Computer software or programs are instructions that are executed by a computer. These are in the form of source codes and object codes, which take a lot of skill, time and labor to develop them.
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