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In April 2015, the Guangdong Intermediate People's Court delivered a judgment against New Balance for trade mark infringement.
Withers LLP
Between November and December 2014, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou courts specialising in intellectual property law initiated their activities.
Shelston IP
Utility model patents provide a quick and easy way to obtain enforceable patent protection for product functionality.
The Internet has transformed and continues to transform traditional business practices in China.
China's Trademark Law adopts the first-to-file principle, which grants exclusive trademark rights to the party that applies to register the mark first in China.
De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek N.V.
China's State Administration of Industry and Commerce has published new rules to reduce abuse of intellectual property rights.
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC
While the late Bruce Lee's martial arts skills and appearances in action films are legendary, some fans may not know that he adopted the Chinese screen name 李小龍, which means "Little Dragon Lee."
Beijing East IP Law Firm
Article 11 of the Chinese Patent Law (2001) generally provides to what extent a patent can be protected under the Chinese law and, on the other hand, what actions are determined to infringe a patent right.
Yingke Law Firm
Name the patent system that doesn't have at least one of these problems: enforcement takes too long, damages are too difficult to prove, litigation costs too much and compensation is too low.
King & Wood Mallesons
The TRAB and courts agree that trade names, copyrights and rights of individual name could be protected as prior rights.
King & Wood Mallesons
The draft of the Fourth Amendments to the Chinese Patent Law was released for public comment, with substantive changes.
Peksung Intellectual Property
On February 11, 2015 China's State Intellectual Property office (SIPO) held a press conference to disclose statistics for patent filing and granting in 2014.
Peksung Intellectual Property
Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights in China refers to the measures taken by Chinese customs according to the law preventing the import and export of infringing goods.
Peksung Intellectual Property
On April 1, 2015, the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) published a new draft of the fourth amendment to the Chinese patent law, for solicitation of public comments.
Singh & Associates
The Controller of Patents is the principal officer responsible for administering the patent system in India.
Singh & Associates
Non-obviousness of the invention is one of the three desiderata for the grant of Patent, others being novelty and industrial application.
Vaish Associates Advocates
The Government of India under Section 11 of the (Indian) Customs Act, 1962, is empowered to prohibit importation and exportation of goods of specified description, if it deems necessary to do so.
Vaish Associates Advocates
The remedies relating to the infringement of Geographical Indications are similar to the remedies relating to the infringement of Trademark.
Vaish Associates Advocates
India has a well-established statutory, administrative and judicial framework to safeguard Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), however, it is still facing problems with the enforcement of IPR.
Singh & Associates
Whenever a person wants to buy something, he starts with searching for the best option available in the market.
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One of the boons of liberalized economy was closure of monopolistic market and development of a competitive regime globally which gave birth to antitrust jurisprudence.
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Section 39 of the Indian Patents Act is of prime importance during Patent prosecution.
Holding Redlich
IPA considered the distinctiveness of trade marks and illustrated the dangers of using descriptive words in a trade mark.
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Technology Transfer is the process by which the information or knowledge related to the technological aspects travel within the group or between the organizations or entity.
In India, after the neem patent controversy, the need to protect the traditional knowledge of India has gained importance.
InvnTree Intellectual Property Services Pvt. Ltd.
Computer software or programs are instructions that are executed by a computer. These are in the form of source codes and object codes, which take a lot of skill, time and labor to develop them.
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The Internet Domain Names have now become much more than mere representing the websites of different companies on the Internet.
Fross Zelnick Lehrman & Zissu, PC
While the late Bruce Lee's martial arts skills and appearances in action films are legendary, some fans may not know that he adopted the Chinese screen name 李小龍, which means "Little Dragon Lee."
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Defence offsets are a significant opportunity for India to provide a growth impetus to its manufacturing sector.
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Counterfeiting and Infringement are two phenomenon of the same genus but different species.
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