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Clyde & Co
The incumbent Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has won a huge endorsement from the Iranian electorate for the JCPOA nuclear deal in a comprehensive victory in Iran's presidential election on Friday.
Clyde & Co
One year on from the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), global companies in a variety of sectors are looking to identify opportunities for foreign direct investment into an exciting but challenging market.
Eurofast Global Ltd
International banking has been of particular interest to Iranians during the post-sanction period in Iran.
Cedar White Bradley
As a result of the US and other nations looking to ease the sanctions imposed on Iran, the international business community is once again starting to look at the opportunities presented by the largely untapped market of Iran.
Centil Law Firm
Iran holds the world's fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves and the world's second-largest natural gas reserves.
Barnea & Co
What do the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Netherlands all have in common?
Efraim Weinstein Law Offices
The primary purpose of the Sale Law (Apartments) (Assurance of Investments of Apartments Purchasers) (the "Act") is to secure the consideration paid by purchasers by granting them various securities.
Shibolet & Co.
The question of the best way for a manufacturer or supplier to make overseas sales involves numerous considerations, challenges and risks, commercial and legal alike.
Shibolet & Co.
According to press coverage and online resources, in the last 48 hours or so cyber attacks targeted and hit over seventy countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
Barnea & Co
Distributors, agents, resellers and OEM partners all share the same commercial function of selling goods to end users.
Juristconsult Chambers
The annual conference of the Mauritius Branch of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) is being held on Thursday and Friday.
BLC Robert
Mauritius is known as an established financial centre and platform for foreign investments and debt financing of assets in Africa, Asia and the region offering financing structuring solutions to both...
BLC Robert
The Act is all encompassing, catering for the incorporation of the LLP leading up to its winding up, with management and administration of the affairs of the LLP featuring prominently.
Juristconsult Chambers
It goes without saying that the economy depends upon the stable functioning of large corporations.
There have been some encouraging developments following Mauritius' announcement that it planned to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights ("IPR"), amid global concerns.
The tax is to be paid on the market value of the assets owned year on year, whether or not such assets yield any income or differently put, it is typically a tax on unrealised income.
Consensus is reached through protocols or standards and rules for how every node exchanges information and validates transactions.
The notion of contractual freedom has long been recognised in the entrenchment of the principle that agreements should be honoured.
It has also circulated a letter confirming the implementation dates of certain amendments, notwithstanding an effective date of 19 June 2017.
In line with international models, South Africa has attempted to incentivise investment into the development and renewal of certain urban areas.
Kosta Legal
During its 9th regular session on March 28, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (an upper house of the Uzbek Parliament) approved several major changes in the Constitution and some legislative acts.
Kosta Legal
A course of the new Uzbek leadership is firmly aimed at improving the country's economic performance and attraction of foreign investment.
Kosta Legal
The law establishes that rules governing Commission's activities must be elaborated by the Presidential Administration.
Kosta Legal
Systematic problems with respect to foreign exchange and repatriation of profits may still be observed in Uzbekistan.
Kosta Legal
Today's Legal Highlight is dedicated to such complex topic as permanent establishment ("PE"). Under Uzbek Law, PE is not considered as separate legal entities and used solely for tax purposes.
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Pieter van der Zwan & Associates
The Income Tax Act contains specific provisions relating to the timing of the accrual or incurral of interest for tax purposes. BPR272 deals with an arrangement that contains deferred payment...
Deloitte Nigeria
The year 2016 took cyberattacks to an unprecedented level; there were reports of it being used to influence and sway votes in democratic elections.
Songhai Advisory LLP
Nigeria's parliament has approved a ₦7.4 trillion budget (about US$24 billion) for 2017, five months after President Muhammadu Buhari first presented the budget in December 2016.
2015 was an incredible year for cyber security in Nigeria. In May 2015, the cybercrime bill was signed into law in Nigeria by our former President Goodluck Jonathan.
The Quebec Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness (MIDI) announced a maximum number of 5000 Skilled Worker Program applications submitted on line ("Mon projet Quebec"), will be accepted for its intake period in 2017. The period of reception will be revealed at a later date.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
The minimum obligatory annual increase is set at no less than 7% of the basic salary which is the basis for calculation of social insurance.
Sefton Fross
Generally, Garnishee proceedings is done in two different stages. The first stage is for the garnishee order nisi, while the second stage is for the garnishee order absolute.
In 2014, a South African court convicted Paralympian Oscar Pistorius of culpable homicide (manslaughter), following the shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, and he was given...
Canadian Immigration authorities conducted the 7th round of invitations under Express Entry in 2017 and 57th overall, inviting 3749 applicants for permanent residence, under all programs.
Shibolet & Co.
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