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BeesMont Law Limited
Bermuda is a large Intellectual Property (IP) centre as its developed economy and business focus and infrastructure have created an allure and need for IP rights.
In what proved to be a late Christmas present for the board of International Investments Enterprises Ltd (IIEL), Harneys Bermuda successfully invoked the now seldom relied upon quia timet, "because he fears" jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Bermuda.
Harneys is pleased to report the appointments of Justice Sher QC and Justice Wallbank to the BVI Commercial Court, as Commercial Court Judges, commencing in May.
Investment Immigration
Immigrants to Canada start businesses at higher rates than Canadians and have access to one of the world's most competitive tax regimes for starting a new business. Read why.
Immigrants to Canada start businesses at higher rates than Canadians and have access to one of the world's most competitive tax regimes for starting a new business. Read why.
The long awaited appeal in Weal v FSC has now been heard and the Judgment of the Court of Appeal handed down (it is available from the Gibraltar Court Service website).
Mayer Brown JSM
Complaints are one of a number of important channels by which the Competition Commission receives information about potential anticompetitive behaviour.
Williams & Associates
After many months of lobbying and complying with new regulations suggested by The Financial Action Task Force (on Money Laundering) (FATF), finally Panama is off of the grey list.
Patton, Moreno & Asvat
Panama banking center assets have grown by 35% in the last three years.
Patton, Moreno & Asvat
Previously, the majority of their products destined for Central or South America had to move into Mexico or through Miami before being distributed.
Pardini & Associates
Amcham is calling on entrepreneurs to take part in a mission to the largest American innovation park from May 9th to 12th.
Pardini & Associates
Total fuel storage capacity in the country is 29.8 million barrels, with Petroterminal de Panamas tank representing 50% of the figure.
Rivera, Bolivary Y Castanedas
En la capacitación se indicó que las disposiciones de la Resolución No. JD-014-015 surgieron de la Ley 2 de 2011 que regula las medidas para conocer al cliente para los agentes residentes de entidades jurídicas existentes.
Rivera, Bolivary Y Castanedas
Luego de la filtración de documentos de la firma de abogados panameños Mossack-Fonseca a través del titular Panamá Papers...
Rivera, Bolivary Y Castanedas
El régimen jurídico tributario de los precios de transferencia internacional ha sufrido, sin duda, una constante evolución, debido a la globalización de la economía que ha influido grandemente en la expansión de empresas y multinacionales, así como el crecimiento del tráfico internacional.
Morgan & Morgan
Faced with the impossible task of negotiating the signing of a treaty to avoid double taxation between Panama and Colombia, I would like to clarify my position in opposing the signing of any such agreement...
Morgan & Morgan
The possibility of buying real estate rests normally on the capacity of an individual or company to acquire debt, reason why credit entities play an essential role in the success of the real estate market.
Morgan & Morgan
This Article is a slap in the face to the members of the private club called OECD and the reason Panama must continue to defend its financial services platform.
Morgan & Morgan
It seeks to eliminate competition of countries like Panama, to their financial centers.
Singapore managing partner John Rogers has recently been discussing offshore opportunities in the India Business Law Journal February 2016 Volume 9 Issue 7.
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Carey Olsen
Offshore law firm Carey Olsen has advised specialist financial services private equity fund AnaCap Financial Partners on the close of its third Guernsey flagship fund, AnaCap Financial Partners III, LP.
TMF Group
Fiscal reform proposals recently announced by the Luxembourg government include changes to the country's corporate and personal tax frameworks.
Ogier Legal Shared Services Limited
For the uninitiated, a SPAC is a newly incorporated company which raises money from investors through an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares on a stock market...
A new development to Company Law in Bermuda will place additional requirements on all companies whether local or exempted.
Maples and Calder
More than 90 jurisdictions, including all 34 member countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ("OECD") and the G20 members...
Bedell Group
Jersey has a long-standing and enviable reputation as a leading and well-regulated offshore financial centre, particularly for those establishing private equity real estate funds and other real estate investment structures.
Baker & Partners
Jersey has two principal forms of insolvency procedure – désastre under the Bankruptcy (Désastre) (Jersey) Law 1990 and creditors' windings up under the Companies (Jersey) Law 1991 (the Companies Law), the latter being for Jersey-registered companies.
The Isle of Man's low tax status, political and economic stability and proximity to the key markets of Europe make it a compelling and cost-effective alternative for the domicile of investment funds.
Ogier Legal Shared Services Limited
Buying a property with a partner is not always as straightforward as you might think, says Ogier's Lindsey Power.
DMS Offshore Investment Services
The Cayman Islands Department of International Tax Cooperation (DITC) has advised that it has extended the notification and reporting deadlines for both UK CDOT and US FATCA for 2016.
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