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The purpose of this document is to set out the general principles to which Walkers adheres at a global level for the purposes of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing ("AML & CTF").
Maples and Calder
The CLOser is the Maples group's industry newsletter for the global CLO market. The Maples Global CLO Team provides Cayman Islands and Irish legal advice and CLO issuer/co-issuer and fiduciary services in the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Ireland and the Netherlands.
Delaney Partners
Legislation for the Bahamas government's national budget for the period 2015/2016 came into effect as of 01 July 2015. The national fiscal year runs 01 July to 30 June.
Bedell Group
There is an intimate relationship between art and finance. In the public sphere, the state plays a predominant role in funding and maintaining national art collections.
Cayman Islands Government
Of the more than 40 jurisdictions that ESMA is expected to assess in relation to the passport extension, to date it has assessed six.
Travers Thorp Alberga
All arbitrations where the seat of the arbitration is in the Cayman Islands, irrespective of where the parties are based, are governed by the Arbitration Law, 2012 (the 2012 Law).
Maples and Calder
As extended to the Cayman Islands, the Cape Town Convention will meet the requirements for the Cayman Islands to have made qualifying declarations as defined in the OECD Aircraft Sector Understanding.
Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
The principal laws regulating arbitration proceedings in Cyprus are the Arbitration Law, Cap 4, and the Law on International Commercial Arbitration of 1987, Law 101 of 1987 ("the ICA Law").
Carey Olsen
ESMA has today concluded that "no obstacles exist to the extension of the passport to Guernsey and Jersey".
Mayer Brown JSM
Margin squeeze is a form of exclusionary abuse where a (fully or partially) vertically integrated business controlling a key input or facility in the upstream market sells that input to its downstream rivals at substantially less favourable terms, to strengthen its own market power in the downstream market and hamper the ability of downstream rivals to compete effectively.
Mayer Brown JSM
On 29 June 2015, the Court of Appeal handed down judgment in the case of Citic Pacific v. Secretary for Justice and rejected the narrow definition of "client" found in the leading English Court of Appeal case on legal advice privilege, Three Rivers (No.5).
Recent English case law has served to emphasise the requisite levels of intention needed on the part of the transferor for the creation of a Quistclose trust or any other sort of analogous resulting trust.
Chevalier & Sciales
The European Securities and Markets Authority has published – with a slight delay of six days beyond the July 22 deadline – its advice on extending access to the EU market under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive to non-EU alternative investment fund managers and funds.
CSB Advocates
Five cruise ships with five different ownerships graced the Grand Harbour of Valletta on the 22nd of July.
KPMG Malta
The Legal Notice was issued the day after the judgement of Mapfre Warranty (joined case with Mapfre Asistencia) made by the Court of Justice of the EU was released.
KPMG Malta
Acquisition momentum is building across the globe, even in a country like Malta, which is uncovering some exciting Mergers & Acquisitions opportunities for 2015 and beyond.
CSB Advocates
By virtue of Legal Notice 184 of 2015, the Government of Malta has issued new rules which provide for an exemption from income tax to beneficiaries who are in receipt of a pension...
CSB Advocates
The Fund will be financed through a minimal contribution by private companies.
CSB Group
On the 14th July, Malta adopted the European Commission's country-specific recommendations that were issued earlier on this year in the Commission's report.
Shearman & Sterling LLP
Many countries of the Arabian Gulf contain restrictions on persons who are not nationals of a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council ("GCC") from doing business in the country.
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Al Rowaad Advocates
A Power of Attorney is a notarized letter of authority given by a person or a company having capacity to another person or a company.
McDermott Will & Emery
FATCA went into effect on July 1, 2014, after numerous delays and multiple rounds of administrative guidance.
The record keeping obligations applicable to BVI companies and partnerships were amended in November 2012 and again in September 2014.
C.Savva & Associates Ltd
Europe has long established itself as the most sought after region in terms of high net worth immigration, accounting for over half of the total number of global citizenship applications, with the Caribbean in second place, followed by North America in third.
Andreas Neocleous & Co LLC
The Cyprus government has announced a number of proposed tax incentives aimed at encouraging economic activity and attracting inward direct investment.
DMS Offshore Investment Services
Recently, the Cayman Islands Department of International Tax Compliance notified financial institutions that in October 2015 it will be introducing local regulations to implement the OECD's Common Reporting Standard.
Al Rowaad Advocates
Federal Law No.(3) For the Year 1987 on Passing Penal Code Article No.399
Al Rowaad Advocates
Strong relationships with customers remain the key to successful contractual lending and borrowing arrangements in the UAE.
Conyers Dill & Pearman
FATCA is a US federal law that aims to reduce tax evasion by US persons. FATCA has significant extra-territorial implications and, most notably, requires FFIs to report information on accounts of US taxpayers to the IRS.
Chevalier & Sciales
The European Securities and Markets Authority has issued a fresh update on May 12 to its Questions and Answers document containing guidance and interpretation of the EU's Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.
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