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While it is commonly believed that the law of trusts dates back to the Middle Ages, the concept is far older and can be found in a number of cultures.
DQ Advocates
Family law advocate Rose Kinrade highlights the pitfalls of not seeking legal advice when divorcing The dangers of DIY divorce
DQ Advocates
The percentage of married adults is remarkably lower than in previous generations. The manner in which people live and their relationship's progress is significantly different than ever before.
Giambrone & Partners
UK citizens who own a property in Italy or Spain or any other country would be well advised to draw up a will related to the country or countries in which their assets reside to ensure that it is crystal clear ...
Giambrone & Partners
The recent High Court ruling in the divorce case involving Nasreen Akhtar and her husband, Mohammed Shabaz Khan, may very well open the door to number of similar cases where Muslim women...
Giambrone & Partners
The beneficiaries of an Italian inheritance may find it a bittersweet advantage, for more than one reason.
What's this – surely not another mistake/Hastings-Bass briefing from those people at Walkers?
Malta, traditionally a civil law jurisdiction, has adopted the trust law into its legislation and permits therefore not only the establishment of trusts, but also accepts and recognises foreign trusts...
Altenburger Ltd legal + tax
Schweizer Praktiker, die in Russland wohnhaften Klienten mit einem Bezug zur Schweiz oder zur EU betreuen, können mit schwierigen grenzüberschreitenden erbrechtlichen Fragen konfrontiert werden.
Erdem & Erdem Law
Adultery is grounds for divorce under Turkish Law.
MGC Legal
Olağanüstü Hal kapsamında çıkarılan ve 29. Nisan. 2017 Tarihli 30052 Sayılı Resmi Gazetede yayınlanan 690 Sayılı Kanun Hükmünde Kararname'nin 4.
MGC Legal
Şimdiki düzenlemede velayeti kendisinde olan anne veya baba çocuğu göstermek istemezse ancak icra yolu ile çocuk teslim edilebiliyordu.
Inanici - Tekcan Law Office
Edinilmiş Mallara Katılma Rejimi ve Mal Rejiminin Tasfiyesi.
Yalcin & Toygar
The family courts must encourage parties to decide on the subject matter of the dispute, without involving the court.
Withers LLP
Fancy having a lawyer, otherwise uninvolved in your case, witness your private Family law proceedings? Is the "greater" public good eclipsing the privacy of the individual? Ollie Guest suggests...
Hewitsons LLP
A charity worker, Julie Sayles, was ordered to pay back more than £300,000 which she had swindled from Edith Negus, a vulnerable 102 year old woman.
Hodge Jones & Allen LLP
Private client lawyer Nicola Waldman shares the most common ‘excuses' she hears from people procrastinating over making a will.
Withers LLP
Let's start at the beginning: What is an FDR? It is a court appointment (attendance is compulsory) for parties to seek the advice of a Judge regarding the likely outcome of the case and to try...
Hewitsons LLP
Theresa May has announced that all couples in England and Wales will be able to choose to have a civil partnership, instead of marriage, after the Supreme Court held it is unlawful that opposite sex couples don't have the same right to choose.
Clarke Willmott LLP
Have you ever considered what would happen if you die without a Will? Research suggests that most people would rather go on holiday than make a Will, but making a Will is arguably one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family.
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A recent decision from the Supreme Court has sparked debate on the practice of English Courts awarding indefinite maintenance to spouses on divorce.
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When the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal decision that Tini Owens could not be granted a divorce because she failed to meet the legal test that her marriage had broken down irretrievably...
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The decision to proceed with a divorce and the division of matrimonial assets is a daunting prospect for most people. Whilst it need not be made more complicated for Expatriates, there are a few...
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Olağanüstü Hal kapsamında çıkarılan ve 29. Nisan. 2017 Tarihli 30052 Sayılı Resmi Gazetede yayınlanan 690 Sayılı Kanun Hükmünde Kararname'nin 4.
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Divorce and financial settlements England and Wales are determined by the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 which itself adopted aspects of the Divorce Reform Act 1969.
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There is no wealth tax at federal level.
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This was the question faced by the Court of Appeal in the divorce case of Hayat Alireza v Hossam Radwan [2017] EWCA Civ1545.
The case of an international bank fined £25,000 for transferring the Jersey assets of a deceased client to a foreign court without first requesting a Jersey Probate Grant ...
Brodies LLP
The long running debate on what form the post-Brexit relationship between the UK and EU will take reached a new stage recently with the publication of the UK Government's White Paper...
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Whether you are team Europe or team USA, a golf fan, or an occasional viewer, there is no doubt that the Ryder Cup is a key moment in the sporting calendar.
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