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Youssry Saleh & Partners
The new investment law in Egypt laid down the basic conditions for the allocation of lands to investors with obliging the concerned authorities (concerned ministries) to provide lands for investment ...
Amereller Legal Consultants
The operation of the ECR marks another step towards modernizing the secured debt infrastructure.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Medical Devices are used in the healthcare for the diagnosis, prevention, monitoring or treatment of illness or disability.
Baker & McKenzie
Twelve individuals from nine companies were fined a total of EGP 4.5 million (about USD 255,000) for their involvement in a cartel designed to lower prices and foreclose the market for chick production.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Egypt used to govern technology crimes and cybercrimes by some provisions in Civil and Criminal laws.
Eurofast Global Ltd
A comprehensive amendment of the full tax law is expected next year, including more strict penalties for tax evasion.
STA Law Firm
Individuals have a right to obtain their personal data and reuse it as they see fit. On October 30, 2017, 60 Parliament MPs in Egypt submitted a proposal to the Egyptian Parliament to adopt a new law
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Awarding Public contracts in Egypt is not specified by a certain law, nevertheless, the Egyptian Constitution has set a general principal that it is prohibited to dispose any of the State's public property.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Social media has been actively discussing the matter, and therefore, a brief coverage of the legal framework is provided below.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Counterfeit is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary as products made to look like the original of something, usually for dishonest or illegal purposes or something copied exactly in order to make someone believe that the copy is the original.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Nowadays, foreign investment in Egypt is becoming easier, and is being facilitated by the new Investment Law No.72 of the year 2017 offers guarantees, simpler procedures...
Amereller Legal Consultants
As Uber has transformed the taxi-business, Fintechs are challenging the role of banks as the sole providers of financial services.
Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)
In recent times, the Egyptian Government is exerting a remarkable effort to improve and develop the legalities of the media and press laws and regulations.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
The Egyptian Parliament approved extending the Tax Dispute Resolution Law No.79 of the year 2016 for the upcoming two years.
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Commercial Agency Contract is considered to be one of the most common contracts in the commercial area. Such contracts are governed in Egypt by Law No. 120 of the year 1982...
Youssry Saleh & Partners
Egypt's government has completed the amendment of the new Labor Law including the Laws of Labor and Trade Union Organizations, in a way consistent with the current economic conditions of the country ...
Youssry Saleh & Partners
The Confidentiality might be stated in an independent Agreement called "Confidentiality Agreement" and it could be stated in certain Clauses in different agreements or contracts such as an employment contract.
Al Tamimi & Company
For the last four years, Egypt has made significant and multifaceted efforts to grow its economy by both attracting foreign investments for a wide range of economic activities as well as developing...
Youssry Saleh & Partners
The VAS services are services that are based on the content or format of the information that has changed in the content or body of the information it adds value to or provides integration between...
Fieldfisher LLP
Here are a few brief thoughts on the Salah/ Egyptian FA image rights issue that has been reported over the last week
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