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Surry Partners
Parents should document any funding arrangement of a family property purchase, to avoid the risk of a costly dispute.
Swaab Attorneys
Courts will, and frequently do, prevent former employees from acting in breach of their contractual restraints.
Kott Gunning
All parents must contribute to their children's financial support and this may be extended to dependent adult children.
Category B patients are those who require the use of unapproved therapeutic goods and do not have a life-threatening condition or illness.
McCullough Robertson
The Federal Government announced a new energy policy, the NEG, walking away from Finkel's proposed Clean Energy Target.
Clayton Utz
In light of these Boart Longyear decisions, Courts will continue to vigorously adjudicate class constitution challenges.
Carroll & O'Dea
These cases raise important issues of how impacts are considered and consequences of the lapsing of development consent.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
National Energy Resources Australia rates Australia below world average for the abandonment phase of project lifecycles.
The sole shareholder of the companies failed in his attempt to challenge the validity of the administrator appointments.
Baker & McKenzie
The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services (Joint Committee) has released its report on recommended changes to whistleblower protections in the corporate...
Kemp Strang Lawyers
Introducing these new offences for industrial manslaughter sends a clear message about expected safety in the workplace.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
The AEMC is trying to walk a fine line between generator imperatives and electricity network security and reliability.
Carroll & O'Dea
Trade promotions are a popular means of drumming up business or collecting information for marketing purposes.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
Successful rebranding is important, as consumers have become receptive to renewable energies and modern ethical policies.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
Employers must ensure that their actions are consistent with their express rights under the employment contract.
Pointon Partners
If the amendments apply only to contracts entered into on or after commencement, the bill should be amended to say so.
Kemp Strang Lawyers
This case shows the importance of clearly identifying parties to a contract and the capacity in which each party signs.
Corrs Chambers Westgarth
The Parliamentary Committee has recently tabled its report on Whistleblower Protections with a number of new reforms.
Stacks Law Firm
The Fair Work Commission found that the dismissal was "harsh", and ordered the company to pay her $8229 in compensation.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
A recent NSWLEC decision has clarified the process to be followed for formally amending a development application (DA).
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This article is aimed at practical and proactive steps for Bodies Corporate to take to protect lot owners and residents.
React (also React.js or ReactJS) is an open-source JavaScript library developed and maintained by Facebook.
Hammond Taylor
Recruitment and retention will be impacted and employers need to review their approach to recruiting overseas talent.
Hammond Taylor
There has been change and disruption in Australian immigration, in particular for the Subclass 457 Temporary Work visa.
Holding Redlich
This newsletter includes summaries and links to recent media releases relating to immigration issues in Australia.
Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
The employer was found to be vicariously liable for the CEO's actions and to have breached its own duty of care.
Holding Redlich
The NSW Tribunal held that an overriding public interest against disclosure of the documents had not been established.
Stacks Law Firm
The court had to decide whether the parties had intended to create a legally binding relationship by the email exchange.
Holding Redlich
Employers should foster a culture of CoR compliance within the organisation and verify that CoR procedures are effective.
Gilchrist Connell
A tenant could bear some responsibility if they did not act as a reasonable tenant to avoid the risk of personal injury.
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