UK: United Kingdom: EMDS Media Relations and Mondaq Partner
Mondaq is please to announce a new partnership with EMDS Media Relations.
Last Updated: 10 January 2003

As of January 1st 2003, EMDS Media Relations became Mondaq’s official vendor for offshore jurisdictions, with a focus on signing up contributors for Mondaqs International Offshore & Financial Centres Handbook and contributors for the Mondaq website UK-based Mondaq has partnered with a vast network of business-to-business online databases and Web sites, including Reuters Business Briefing, Lexis Nexis, Butterworths, Bloomberg,, Factiva, and Dow Jones, to which it distributes articles written by contributing attorneys and other business professionals. The service allows authors to directly reach a business audience eager for real-time perspectives on current issues in a variety of subject areas.

If you are interested in contributing to the Handbook or receiving a complimentary copy of the book in April please either email or call Edward on +44 208 544 8310.

About EMDS Media Relations

EMDS Media Relations, a leading Business Development and Marketing Solutions provider to the Professional Services Industries with over five years experience in their field. This includes project management and implementation whilst also showing a proven Return On Investment.

"As the Professional Services Industry gets more competitive we have enabled Companies to achieve their Business Development and Marketing Strategies and reduce their costings" Says Edward Simpson of EMDS Media Relations Ltd.

If you wish to see in the first instance how EMDS Media Relations Ltd can help you, then please contact Edward Simpson on either +4420-7771-6598 direct or email him on

About Mondaq

Mondaq , launched in August 1994 and based in London, is one of the most comprehensive electronic resources of professionals' knowledge and expertise. The company provides legal, regulatory and financial commentary and information supplied directly by hundreds of the world's leading professional advisors, covering over 70 countries and is the publisher of the International Offshore & Financial Centres Handbook. Mondaq offers contributors an outlet to distribute their knowledge to the world's leading online information databases.

“EMDS Media Relations has a history of being recognised as experts in the offshore and financial markets by Mondaq. This partnership will help Mondaq grow on previous successes with the International Offshore & Financial Centres Handbook” says Charles Aspinwall, Commercial Direcotr of Mondaq. Charles can be contacted on (44)208 544 8311 or via e-mail


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