UK: Chambers + Mondaq: Unbeatable Global Exposure
Last Updated: 8 September 2004
Since the Chambers/Mondaq alliance started in late 2002 the relative ranking of both sites has shot up, according to the independent web traffic monitor

The alliance means that law firms that are peer-reviewed in any of the authoritative global directories published by Chambers are linked across to articles they publish via Mondaq (the definitive solution for global online article publication) and vice versa. The cross-linking service is completely free and only requires that you have a directory entry with Chambers and articles with Mondaq.

The alliance between the two sites is now the leading solution for online global exposure of law firms, with Mondaq now the 59,000 most used website worldwide and Chambers ranking 85,000 (Alexa figures correct as of August 8th 2004)., which uses a browser toolbar to track site visits installed in over 10 million browsers, provides a free service allowing you to view relative traffic for your own or any other website.

Mondaq, established in 1994, is the market leader for publishing articles online by professional services advisors, and provides real time readership tracking to clients. Mondaq's content is distributed to hundreds of partner web sites and online services including Reuters, Lexis, Dialog, Bloomberg, Profound,, and Dow Jones.

Chambers and Partners are renowned as the publisher of the leading independent Guides to the Legal Profession worldwide. They publish Chambers Global, Chambers UK and Chambers USA. Lawyers are ranked by the opinions of their clients and peers. They have a truly global overview of the legal marketplace. Chambers also publish Commercial Lawyer magazine, the monthly magazine for lawyers throughout Europe in private practice and in-house, known for its in-depth features on issues at the forefront of a changing profession.

If you are an existing or new firm that wishes to participate in the alliance please contact Mondaq or Chambers.

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