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By Kirstie Wyss, Jesse Aimer
The Government proposed to protect highly productive land to ensure that it is maintained for future primary production.
By Jeremy Johnson
This video discusses three tips for how best to resolve a breach of contract.
By Anthony Drake
New law enables employees to raise a personal grievance against anyone that can direct or control the employee's day-to-day work.
By Matthew Couch
This video includes five considerations, to think about carefully, before signing a new commercial lease.
By Anthony Drake
The Employment Relations Authority looks at the real nature of the employment relationship and applies a number of tests.
By Joshua Shaw
A cooperative but cautious approach to your dealings with the NZ Transport Agency may often yield more positive results.
By Anthony Drake
Employers should provide guidelines and training to ensure that employees can respond to all consumers, including trolls.
By Jeremy Johnson
The video includes what steps you can take to protect your IP and how to ensure international protection of your ideas.
By Emily Walton, Richard Hargreaves
Reinstatement Benefits are personal benefits to the original insured party only and cannot be assigned to a purchaser.
By Anthony Drake
This educational video explains how to structure your business with employees or independent contractors, and other issues..
By Nick Kovacevich
This video discusses five top tips for entrepreneurs which have proved necessary to build a successful business.
By Mike Doesburg, Jesse Aimer
Trade competitors should tread carefully when considering judicial review of resource management decisions.
By Richard Hargreaves
This article focuses on the liability of real estate agents for incorrect information from the vendor or a third party.
By Nick Kovacevich
Link to interview about when to engage a lawyer & key things to note when doing so, as well as general advice for entrepreneurs.
By Stephanie Woods
These proposals are found in the Building System Legislative Reform: Discussion Paper (Part Four: Risk and Liability).
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